4 Best Social Media Content Curation Tools 2018

4 Best Social Media Content Curation Tools


The process of content curation is the act of categorizing through huge amounts of content on the web and offering the best posts in an intelligible and organized way. It includes analyzing, sorting, arranging, placing found content into certain themes, and then publishing that data. It is the process of collecting information related to a particular context or area of interest. Services or people who are involved in the work of social media content curation tools are called curators. Businesses as well as end users can implement these curation services.

Curating quality content has been an essential element in any social media marketing strategy, and every day you can come across more and more amazing materials that are being published which can then be shared with your audience. Active curation helps to build your presence in social media and establish yourself, or your business, as a trusted resource and authority in your field. But to get the most out of this practice, you will need your own trusted sources to pull content.

Here are four sites that you can use to discover amazing articles as a part of your content curation tools strategy which you may not have heard before, but could prove equally beneficial in your efforts. Content curation tools are a fantastic place to begin with. Content curation should not be confused with content marketing. It is the procedure of distributing content from other sources rather than creating and promoting your concept.

For instance, a social media marketer might curate the best content or trending content, from other blogs in his industry and then share those articles from her own company’s Twitter account during the day. In spite of your business, curation should be an essential element of your strategy.

The first of the four steps include searching trusted sources to gather content from. Here’s a list of 4 best content curation tools to level up your game of content on social media,

1. Pocket

You won’t be amazed to know that an average person spends ten hours a day in front of a computer screen. A large part of that time is most likely spent browsing the internet or scrolling through your social media timeline feeds. During that screen time, you are likely to come across several relevant articles aligned with your content requirements. Probably you even bookmark these or make a mental note to go back to them, but they end up falling off your track.

Best Social Media Content Curation Tools 2018

The Pocket Explorer is the ideal way to prevent this from happening. Pocket is an app as well as a chrome extension which you can add to your default browser that will eventually save articles to read or link to later in one organized location. Pocket allows you to quickly tag items to a group, relevant topics or themes together. It also includes booming search functionality to relate articles in your Pocket account easily. The Explore function which is currently present in the BETA version only seems to be available on desktop unlike to the recommend function which is present in the mobile app based on the people whom you follow. It is a search based discovery engine that will bring some great stories to the fore.

2. Post Planner

You can easily search your queries or topics in Post Planner by merely adding the key terms and discover pages and accounts across Facebook and Twitter, as well as any articles based on those mentions. Most importantly, you can even save these and build a feed of content to curate from. It needs a little bit of refinement of your terms.

Content Curation Tools 2018

Post Planner can pull in some great pieces to share in many formats, and you can schedule them accordingly to send out via your social profiles in-stream.

3. BeBee

One network which you can keep an eye on and you’ll definitely find on this list of best social media content curation tools is BeBee. This site bills itself as a professional network built on affinity, or shared interest. Members can curate links and at the same time publish functions, which is accompanied by a discovery tool.

tools for content curation

Here you can easily find a lot of original content on specified topics of interest. While the user base is not vast yet, there is still some very exciting content being created which will grow over time.

4. Medium’s Reading Roulette

As human beings, we’re not the only one in our interests, so it’s always essential to look for stories to share that demonstrate a string of interests to move you beyond the immediate place from where you are curating from.

Medium Reading Roulette is a powerful publishing platform, but they also do a great job of bringing stories to the fore through functions like their Reading Roulette which is found in the primary navigation tool. These need not be the stories on your particular theme, but you’re sure to find something of interest.

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