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5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes that can Harm your Business


We all are familiar with Instagram, Currently, it is home to nearly 700 million active users and since its birth back in 2010, it has grown significantly! When Instagram came into existence, big brands shifted their marketing strategies to fit in Instagram as an asset with a goal to engage their target audience. Wondering Why so? Well, that because humans love visuals and that’s one of the major reason why Instagram is so popular. Even today, brands use Instagram to engage their target audience. We generally see many brands feel perplexed on how to act on their likes, followers, captions, and hashtags; simply to boost their presence on social media – Here we present you the list of 5 Instagram marketing mistakes that must be avoided to make most out of the platform.

1. Buying Followership just to Show off

We know that having a huge followership gives your brand a ‘thumbs up‘ status! But, brand managers try to take a shortcut to reach on to this result.

Having REAL followers is more than having just followers! This is because even if you end buying thousands of followers for your business profile, the following might harm your brand status:

  • Zero Engagement

Even if you reach the count of 10,000 followers, what’s the use of that if your post doesn’t get even a single like or comment. Buying followers not only kills your engagement but also lowers your brand image.

  • Inappropriate audience

When you check your follower’s account, they might be some bot posting spam content on profile or teens posting memes or shirtless photographs and this is not what you might be looking at!

You need business and that can only come through authenticity.

2. Cut out Over-Promotion

While working with many brands, one thing which we’ve seen is spending much more than what’s required. You’re on social media to deliver quality in a sensible manner, you need not yell at your target audience and side-by-side increase your running cost.

It’s very necessary to allot a wise budget to campaigns whenever it comes to promotion.

instagram marketing mistakes

3. Incorrect Usage of Hashtags

More than 90 percent of posts consist of hashtags and if your brand is not making their mark in this space, then there’s a big shot you’re missing. Hashtags make your content searchable and easy to find, they are very efficient as:

  • They help attract new audience of similar interest
  • Categorize your content
  • Help’s Instagram to classify your page’s niche

When we say use hashtags, you need to make sure you don’t spam them. If you’re putting spammy hashtags in your posts, you are devaluing your account and your account might lose credibility. #Dont #Do #It

Similarly, if you’re producing great content for your brand and still are not able to grab your target audience’s attention, you need to look into the set of hashtags you’re associating.

4. Layouting your post’s content

According to psychology, visuals are more appealing to a human brain and that’s why it is very important to make sure visuals are presented in an appropriate manner. Visual representation of your content matters when it comes to brand building, We’ve also seen many managers posting raw content, Instagram is home to pictures and you must make sure that you put the right thing in the right place.

Apps like Snapseed, Afterlight and Priime can be used to edit your photos and bring out the most out of them, but do remember, you need not overdo filters as well.

Learn more Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement

5. Bypassing Instagram Stories

More than 250 million Instagrammers use Instagram stories daily, and brand avail this feature to grab a direct connection with their audience. If done right, one out of five stories receive a direct message from the user and if you’re looking for that and not using Instagram stories, you cannot afford to miss out on this!

Get Creative, tell a story and provide value to your audience when it comes to Instagram stories, but also, be authentic in whatever you do. Do not worry if you make mistakes or your stories aren’t perfectly polished one, as the community is spontaneous and drives to be a realist one.

Time to Opt-in for Insta-Success!

After going through the post, we believe that you must have accounted, ‘Ok!! these all need to be put in place‘ (Or maybe, some things.) With this in mind, it’s time to turn up for Insta-success. Instagram is an incredible way to connect your brand’s vision with the audience, Don’t forget to make use of this powerful tool!

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