6 Tips for Managing an Effective Remote Marketing Team


If you are a manager of a remote marketing team, there may be days where it seems like the challenges never end.
From managing your internal staff to juggling multiple projects and timelines, it can sometimes seem impossible to get everything done.
However, if you follow these 6 tips for effective management, you will find that running an efficient remote marketing team is not as difficult as it seems!

1. Hire the right people

First, you will need to hire a team that is comfortable working remotely.
The most effective remote marketing teams need to be self-motivated, autonomous, and creative.
When hiring, have clear job descriptions so that you can hire the right people who are clear on their roles.
You should interview each candidate you are considering for a position to make sure they have the necessary skills and personality to thrive.
A thorough job description will help you identify and manage any gaps in skills or knowledge that need to be addressed before onboarding a new teammate.
It’s also important to include remote work hours as part of the position, so candidates know what they are signing up for!
Interview applicants via Zoom.us or Skype to improve the chances of making a positive decision.
Having the opportunity to meet your remote team, rather than just knowing a list of tasks they need to be completed (communicated through email), will provide you with increased confidence in their knowledge and experience.

2. Make sure your remote team is fully trained and knowledgeable in their respective marketing tasks.

Ensure that your remote team is trained and knowledgeable for their respective marketing roles.
You can send new hires to the same training courses that your previous team has previously attended to keep consistency.
For example, if you have an in-house marketing manager who is leading the training for SEO skills, make sure that his or her remote counterpart is also trained using those same courses!
This will go a long way to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing and are working as efficiently as possible
Proactively manage any gaps in skills or knowledge before onboarding a new teammate. You have to pay close attention to the remote team’s skills and knowledge to make sure everyone is up-to-date.
If you do have any gaps, be prepared to onboard new teammates quickly, emphasizing filling those specialist roles as needed!

3. Document all processes and have strong SOPs

Tips for Managing an Effective Remote Marketing Team
Having marketing knowledge is one thing. Actually executing tasks in a predictable and repeatable manner is another.
Your remote team should have a process for everything they do, from how they communicate with clients, all the way to how they execute marketing action.
Having strong Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will help manage tasks more efficiently. It reduces the chances of errors and conflicts that arise from confusion over how things are done.
The best marketing teams have the Step A to Step Zs of all their processes down. Whether it’s SEO or Social Media Marketing, a strong SOP will always be beneficial.

4. Establish regular communication with your remote team members

A big challenge for most remote working teams is communication.
Remote Marketing Team Management Tips
It’s not just about making sure everyone on the team is in touch with one another; it also means keeping them updated and aware of what needs to be done.
A good way to prevent any potential confusion or misunderstandings is by having a regular communication schedule that includes all employees, content creators, and senior management.
This helps to reduce friction in relationships and reduces bottlenecks.
For example, a social media editor might be waiting for the designer to design marketing collateral. However, the designer might have already finished it but did not keep everyone in the loop.
These kinds of roadblocks are common in marketing work, where many stakeholders are involved at each stage of the campaign.
That’s where regular communication can help you get the work done more efficiently and on time.

5. Provide feedback regularly so that employees know what they are doing well and where they need improvement

Constant feedback is a good way to improve the work that remote employees are doing.
If they know what areas of their performance need improvement, it helps them make adjustments and put more effort into those aspects.
What feedback should look like depends on your company’s culture and communication style. Some companies prefer written feedback while others use verbal feedback during one on one meetings.
It would also be good to share the client’s feedback with the team so they can see what expectations are and how to better meet them.
Positive feedback, like a client loving a design, or readers liking an article, also helps motivate a remote team.
Giving praise can be as easy as sending an email, phone call, or text message to let them know their hard work was noticed and appreciated.

6. Use cloud collaboration tools and cloud storage solutions to make sure everyone on the team can collaborate

Last but not least, to foster a collaborative environment, make sure everyone is using the same cloud collaboration tools and common file storage solution.
This will ensure that all team members have access to any files they need without having to rely on slow email attachments or chat messages.
Team members can collaborate easily by using a document management system to make sure remote teams can access files and collaborate easily. Cloud document management systems can help your team store and manage all of its documents without taking up any local space, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest version.
Popular tools like Dropbox and Google Drive let team members store files and share files amongst each other easily.
Using project management tools like Trello or Asana lets remote members collaborate on tasks and projects and manage deadlines with ease.

In conclusion

There are many things you can do to be a better manager of remote workers. We recommend starting with these six tips, and then take it from there as needed!
What other ways have you found that work for managing your team?
Let us know in the comments below.
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