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Answer The Public Review | How to Create Better Content with it


Content, in its purest form, is anything that delivers value. You can classify it as audio, video or text, but, the end consumer must get some value from it. It is the job of content marketers to ensure that this journey of learning is interesting and adds to a wider conversation. The content which is engaging is more likely to be shared, cited, and attracting higher eyeballs. So, How to use Answer The Public to create content better? Yes, we’re coming to that.

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Firstly, a major challenge is how to get ideas for content marketing. Thus, before starting on brainstorming topics and pitching titles, you must realize what your target audience is searching for. And this is where Answer The Public plays the role.

What is Answer The Public?

Whenever you start a query in Google, an autocomplete helps you fill in your query fast. It is obviously a time saver for many of us. Google does so with the help of its database which consists of millions of pre-conducted searches.

Also, it is not a techie thing to reverse engineer. In fact, to figure out popular phrases simply, go to and type “seo tools”, you’ll be suggested with a few top predictions, implying these as commonly searched terms.

Answer The Public Review

Further, you may also use wildcards with “_” & “*” symbols. These will prompt Google to fill in your entered query.

AnswerThePublic Review 2020

The more combinations you try, the more ideas you’ll get for your content. I can strongly recommend that there’s a search volume behind every query because they all are generated from real users frequently. Now, you can estimate that doing this manually is a lengthy process, and would consume a considerable amount of time.

Answer The Public is an automated autocomplete tool. It follows the same process we’ve just outlined and identifies potential topics for content by trying out different sets of variations. The results are then displayed, separated according to the variations used to create them: the “hows” are separated from the “whys”, and shown via a downloadable image (a great way which makes it easy to integrate results into presentations).

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The tool also generates predictions based on other phrases, such as “like”, “with”, “versus” and “without”. Also, as per alphabetical order by adding letters to the original query, and listing the most common queries in order of each letter.

AnswerThePublic Review | Best of the Topics, Organized in One Screen

Answer the Public will gift you many great topics. However, you don’t need hundreds of ideas, just a few great ones would serve well. Extracting the wheat from the chaff is the next major step. You could achieve this by choosing the topics which will provide you with the most benefit.

Step 1: Select a Relevant Topic

One of the best benefits of content marketing is the potential to build links to your site. Once you’ve created a highly-trafficked piece of content, you won’t mind earning a few juicy backlinks to your website. Therefore, you must pick a topic that can be easily connected to the pages you plan to promote. It’ll also need to be one to which you can provide an appropriate answer to. People may be searching for “content marketing for beginners by Amarpreet Singh”, but they probably won’t be interested in an article you produce for this topic (since they’re specifically looking for Amarpreet Singh’s tips on content marketing). Here’s an example of “seo tools”.

How to Create Better Content with answer the public

For eg, if we select the topic “why seo tools are important” from the above results to align this theme with our own seo tools service pages. Not only will this improve the organic traffic, but the “latent semantic indexing” (or LSI) of the article will contribute to the SEO of the page (in simple words, Google will develop a connection between our seo tool page and relevant keywords it finds in the article; “SEO importance”, “digital marketing”, and so on, which will help us to rank higher for these valuable search terms a bit more easily).

Of course, you’ll also have to make sure you have somewhere to put this article online. If you aren’t planning to publish this on your own website, it’ll need to be relevant to wherever you’re trying to pitch it. It’s quite daunting to imagine that a museum blog would publish an article of ‘seo tools for financial business’ (or even if that happens, we won’t be getting much traffic through it).

That’s why one needs to identify potential sites where you can place articles and over time, built strong relationships with multiple publishers. This would happen only by providing them with high-quality content that answers the queries which their audience is asking.

Always note that if your article is hosted on a site with a poor reputation, your backlinks won’t hold much value. In order to avoid this, be sure to use tools like Mozbar to have conductive research over results.

Step 2: See If You Can Compete or Not

So, you finally discovered a question that is being asked, but how well is it being answered by other publishers? Well, let’s check —  we place the query into a Google search and we get:

how to use answer the public

You can easily observe that many people are providing articles about why use seo tools. And some articles have been produced in the last few months only. So, this question is already being thoroughly answered. Now, if we want our content to be discovered, we need to find a question that isn’t highly competitive. Time to head back to Answer The Public and try feeding “seo tools for business”, and see what variations we find.

Step 3: Decide Your Niche

The new query provides us with a new set of topics, which are more specific. Not too specific, though — remember, these too have an appreciable search volume, or they wouldn’t have been suggested by ‘the seeker’. Some of these are still hotly-contested, but the Google results page for “best seo tools for small business” is comparatively easier to rank for:

how to use answerthepublic

All three results match the query, but the “best seo tools for small business” is comparatively easier to target. As all the results are really relevant to the search query, there’s plenty of space for us to write an article that provides a better answer; “Our guide to Best SEO tools for small business”, for eg.

Although Google will happily show results that are several years old on the first page, searchers are likely to be drawn to more recent articles (especially in the field of digital marketing, where the game evolves very quickly).

Tip: We could also add ‘2020’ to the title to make it relevant for the upcoming year. And demonstrate its newness to both Google and the target audience.

End Results — Did We Achieved Something?

What we’ve just discovered is a gap in the market. Thanks to Answer The Public, as it told us that people were searching for “best seo tools for small business”, and from doing a Google search we know that the results being shown aren’t much relevant. Now we can create an article that covers this topic.

Researching your topics like this is vital for your business. As it lets you create content which is likely to be read, admired, shared and referenced. In a nutshell, Answer The Public gives you insight on how people search for content and accordingly helps you produce better-focused articles. These are the ones that would catch the attention of your target audience.

Don’t just put any snappy-sounding article out there; do your research, don’t run away from it. And you’ll reap the rewards for your business that you’ve always been aiming for.

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