Apps to Improve Writing Skills in 2019

While we all face the hustle bustle of improving our writing skills on a daily basis. Today, we’ll discuss some best apps that help could help you on your mission. There are many minor mistakes that we commit while producing content. And leave them all for the end, which turns out to be very time-consuming at times. But no worries, I’ll list apps to improve writing skills so that you save your precious time. These add-ons are my personal favorite and the ones I use. Got something which could add value? Feel free to reach out.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a helpful Chrome extension. It is also known as one of the best apps to improve writing skills. Whatever you’re writing online (be it your blog, a Facebook post, or a simple email), it examines it for punctuation, grammar, proper sentence structure, and word choice.

I use the free version. But there is also a paid module available, with extra features which include a plagiarism checker.

apps to improve writing skills

2. Hemingway

Hemingway offers a free online editor or a paid desktop app. It checks your copy for complicated sentences, common errors, weakening phrases and qualifiers. It also assigns a readability score, grade level, and estimated total reading time.

Using Hemingway, you could achieve writing copies which are bold and clear.

improve writing skills app 2019

3. Just Not Sorry

Stop tempering your emails in ways that undermine your leadership. With the Just Not Sorry chrome extension, you’ll receive a warning about words and phrases that cut down your confidence.

As founder Tami Reiss told Slate, too many women were inadvertently discrediting their own opinions. “We thought: What if we changed the environment? What if we pinged someone to say, ‘Hey, you’re doing this thing that you probably don’t want to do. The response is going to be unconscious to someone else, but it’s going to have a really big impact.’”

Beyond just and sorry, this writing app flags phrases like actually, I think, and Does this make sense? It is open-source to enable you to add more stop-words to flag as though they were spelling errors.

writing apps to improve copy

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin. It offers many SEO-related features, but in writing, it does the following:

  • It grades your written copy on the Flesch Reading Ease test to analyze its readability. (In simple words, how scannable is your content?)
  • It counts the percentage of sentences with phrases and transition words.
  • It provides word count in the context of SEO. (i.e, whether the number of words following a subhead is too long, or whether any individual paragraph is too long)
  • It counts the percentage of sentences containing more than 20 words, which makes reading more difficult.
  • It counts the percentage of sentences that use the passive voice and highlights them.

yoast seo 2019

Sometimes Yoast will offer improvement suggestions that I account but don’t take.

Example, it’s fine for my blogs to score lower than recommended on the Flesch Reading Ease score. This score is mostly calculated on the length of sentences and the number of syllables per word that I use. But I realize that my audience can handle big words and long sentences too. I believe that as writers, greater clarity is something we should always aim for. As this way, we’ll be able to find a better connect among our target audience.

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