List of 5 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs for 2020


Well, it’s 2020 and almost everyone is booming with the outbreak of chatbots. According to Business Insider’s report, almost 80% of businesses would shift to using chatbots by 2020, which is tremendous. This shift is huge and a lot of people would be benefitting from this, you might be the next. Want to know which are the best chatbot affiliate program to promote and get sales? Read on, here’s everything you’ll ever need.

Affiliate marketing is an ever hot topic and while many masters it quickly, some fail to make their way to success. No worries, I’ve got this book that could help you get started with your journey. Moving on, here’s a list of 5 best chatbot affiliate programs 2020 to promote,

1. Collect.Chat

Commission: 30% Recurring

Bonus: $50 for every 10 customers you close

Collect Chat is a seamless drag n drop chatbot builder that allows you to build a responsive chatbot in matters of just a few minutes. Its quite easy to promote and generate sales as compared to the other alternatives due to many reasons like chatbots business templates to use, easy platform integration & great customer support.

Collect chat is the best chatbot affiliate program to generate sales and make $$$ if you are just starting out as a beginner. The prices are also affordable which makes it easy to generate sales via promoting it to other marketers & small businesses. You would receive a 30% recurring commission for each qualified lead as a reward each month.

best chatbot affiliate programs

It easiest to generate sales as the platform offers a FREE plan to get started for the potential user, which allows you to freely promote the tool and along a period of time, promote conversion to generate sales! Also, with the help of its chatbot reseller program, you could generate an extra stream of revenue for yourself.

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2. TARS Chatbot Affiliate

Commission: 30% Recurring

Bonus: n/a

Tars is a powerful chatbot builder tool which is yet simple to use and is an ideal choice if you are a small business. The commission of this affiliate program is high, but so is the selling price which makes it hard to generate a sale. If you want to promote this, I’d suggest the ideal lead would be a large organization that desires customized use cases of chatbot application.

You would receive a 30% direct commission for each customer you refer to their platform.

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3. Virtual Spirits

Commission: n/a

Bonus: n/a

Virtual spirits offer a basic version of any chatbot application. Covers all the fundamentals, like automated responses, workflows & ready-to-use templates, but doesn’t perform magically on the user interface end. You could opt in to promote to any niche of clients as they offer dynamic pricing, but would be hard to generate sales/commissions as it takes a lot to position a customer in the favor of this tool as compared to the other option listed in this blog post.

Virtual Spirits do not mention how much do they pay their affiliates on your site, but you could submit an application if you feel good about it via using this link.

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4. Chatbots.Systems

Commission: 25% Recurring

Bonus: n/a

As compared to the other listed tools, offers relatively fewer options. If you plan to promote this tool in order to generate affiliate sales, then be sure to be specific with your target market as the tool offers limited applications. For average affiliate, he/she could make 25% per month per active user as a commission.

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chatbot reseller program 2019

5. Pure Chat

Commission: 25%-35% Recurring

Bonus: n/a

Pure chat isn’t exactly a chatbot builder service, but instead is a live chat software which businesses could use to add a live chat feature to their website within just a few clicks. Though it offers lucrative affiliate offers which are as follows,

chatbot affiliate program

So, just imagine, the more you promote, the better you’ll earn. The best part of promoting this tool is that it offers a FREE plan for initial stages, which makes conversions easy!

I hope this list of best chatbot affiliate programs was helpful, now time to start your earning. For more online income, check out the highest-paying affiliate programs. Good luck and happy affiliate-ing!

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