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List of 7 Best Chatbot for WordPress for Business


Chatbot for WordPress is the specialized software that can provide you with automatic replies to all the messages and queries of the users. It has some pre-defined rules, on the basis of which, it can provide a response to the users. In some kind of Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also used to interact with the users.

The popularity of Chatbots is now increasing day by day and you can now see Chatbots on many websites as well as on many e-commerce sites. With the help of the Chatbot, it has now become possible for a company to provide full customer support 24 x 7. As a result, Chatbots plays a great role in collecting email address, phone numbers or any other essential details. Moreover, it can deliver a friendly conversation to all the visitors of your website and thus helps to influence customer decision.

WordPress chatbots can be proven a good investment to gain new leads from visitors. Some of the best Chatbots for WordPress that I may recommend you are:

1. tops the list as the best chatbot for WordPress and is highly used for collecting data from visitors by majority WordPress users. With the help of Collect chat, you will be able to gather customer feedback in a seamless manner, it is very easy to use and install on your WordPress website.

best wp chatbot plugin

Using this, you can easily collect data about your visitors and estimate how targeted is your website towards potential prospects.  It offers a WordPress Chatbot plugin which you can easily configure from their website and start using it. Thus, it helps in improving service which can fulfill the actual requirements of the customers.

Start Using Collect.Chat >

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2. Support of Live Chatting

Live chat is an outstanding live support agent. With the help of this feature of Chatbot, the queries of the customer are answered. The chatbots answered the queries based on the questions asked and the predefined instruction. The best thing with this support is that users can avail the customer support service at any point of time and from anywhere.

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3. IBM Watson Conversation

It is a type of Chatbot service with the help of which you will be able to create your own Chatbot on any type of WordPress websites.

best chatbot plugin for wordpress

With this type of Chatbot service, it becomes possible to greetings the customers as well as help them to navigate the website and thereby help them to find out the product that they were searching for. This service is built with the set of rules which can provide instant response to the queries of the customer.

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This is another excellent type of Chatbot plug-in which mainly deals with an abandoned cart that is the online transaction which has already failed. With the help of this plug-in it becomes possible to collect all detailed information of the customer when they add an item to the cart but due to some reason, their transaction fails to complete.

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5. Virtual Spirits Chatbots

This is another excellent Chatbot service that provides automatic support to customers in various languages such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, German, Italian, and Portuguese. But this type of Chatbot is not free of charge. However, this type of Chatbot is not free to use, you need to do payment for using it.


Also, you will get 30 days of the free trial option. You can use various types of templates with this type of Chatbot as for example you will have templates for lead generation, customer service, e-commerce as well as conversion optimization.

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6. Gobot

With Gobot, it becomes possible to solicit the e-mail address of the customer.

wordpress chatbot plugins

It mainly presents forms, surveys, polls, etc. for collecting various types of valuable information. This type of Chatbot actually acts like an automated customer service and it allows you to write your own script and it comes up with some very useful drag-and-drop bot builder which is very easy to build intelligent script.

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7. WP Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

This is a very useful WordPress plug-in whose main function is to send news and updates automatically to all those who have subscribed it with the help of Facebook Messenger.

wp chatbot for website

This service is ideal for those bloggers who want to keep themselves updated with all types of recent posts.

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Thus, you cannot deny the fact that installing Chatbot for WordPress website can supercharge your web presence and increase potential lead funnel. So, no matter whether you are running an e-commerce website, educational website or any type of entertainment website the service of Chatbot is very essential. Chatbot automates the customer service and as a result, it can save much of your time that you would have otherwise had to spend on answering the questions of your customers.

These are some chatbot benefits for business that you might go through. So, if you are the owner of any business or if you run any website then you may increase your digital impact with the help of chatbots.

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