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Here’s a list of Best Coworking Spaces in South Delhi


A coworking space is way more than just a place where you work. It’s where you build, discover, learn and invest your energy to plan for a better future. The term itself has caught a trend as sharing has become the new black. There’s a lot one could extract from a coworking space as a dedicated coworker. A lot a can be saved by you, if you choose the right space for yourself, while there are almost thousands of choices to choose from, we present you the best coworking spaces in south Delhi that you can avail.

1. Empowerers Coworking City

While there can be almost a million reasons to grab a traditional coworking space and forget the ‘fancy’, Empowerers sets you apart with a unique itinerary of choices and is rated as one of the best coworking space in South Delhi among all other competitors. It lifts you with a not-so-traditional workspace which is both creative as well as artistic nostalgia which strengthens your spirit of working.
In their brightly-lit and well-designed space, even minute details are taken care of. The best part here, being that community never goes old, everyone offers something to offer which adds up to a great value for startups and corporates. Along with it, they offer special plans for college entrepreneurs which are as low as Rs.3000 a month.

best delhi coworking space
Courtesy – Empowerers Coworking City

At Empowerers, You are not limited to your day shift but can access the space on a 24×7 basis, which delivers you the flexibility to work as a startup.
Price: Open Seat starts from ₹ 5,000/- | Private Office starts from ₹ 30,000/- | Night Office Pass starts from ₹ 4,000/- | Daily Pass is priced at ₹ 500/-
Other plans can be seen here.

2. Innov8

Searching for the best coworking space in south Delhi? What if we suggest you a sparkling coworking space which gives you both subtle as well as creative outlook. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and investors who always wanted to build a collaborative workspace, Innov8 comes out to be an ideal choice for everyone who wants all kind of fanciness in their life.

coworking space in south delhi
Courtesy – Innov8

Innov8 is based out in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, but has various outlets in other regions of Delhi as well.
Price: A single day pass costs about ₹ 600 and further prices can be explored here.

3. Workly

A place which is driven by community building and promises ideal workstation at the best price, Workly delivers an ideal choice as a training center for corporates. Additionally, for startup, they offer a creative approach towards helping them achieve their goals.

Courtesy – Workly

Price: Single Day plan is priced at ₹ 500 | Open Seat at ₹ 9000 | Night Office at ₹ 8,000 | For more information on plan, you may visit their website

4. CoworkIn

Based out of a villa in Greater Kailash, CoworkIn brings you an ad-hoc office space. You may choose based on your short-term or long-term goals. The community is creative and majorly comprises of ex-traditional scenarios. There are shared workspaces available with desks, vibrant private rooms to work together.

Courtesy – CoworkIn

Along with this, they have separate lounges– a formal one for meetings and an informal one for breakout sessions. You’ll also get on-site meals as there is a cook to prepare meals for you if you choose to join the lunch plan and two fixed rounds of chai during the day.

Price: Daily use is at ₹ 400, Open Seat is priced at ₹ 6,500 and a private team room is at ₹ 25,000 per month

5. 91Springboard

Known as the growth hub for startups, 91Springboard goes beyond their office walls and delivers a forum where you may connect, post/find jobs and connect with mentors.


Courtesy – 91SpringboardTheir 24×7 office access allows you to be flexible with your work hours. A mix of investor pitches, networking talks and workshops is a plus when you put your stakes in this south Delhi coworking space.

You may find their complete price details here.


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