6 Effective Facebook Cover Design Tips


Well, it is quite obvious that we all are aware of the importance of Facebook for business but have you ever given a thought to putting up an impressive cover image? The answer might be probably “no”. When you are using Facebook to promote your business, it is going to serve a purpose as well as will represent your brand to your audience on Facebook. With the growing importance of it as a medium for brand promotion, the importance of its representation is also vital. An impressive cover image can induce the visitors to stop for a moment and go through the page with some interest. Here are the best Facebook Cover design tips for your business. Always remember, the motto is to keep the visitor and your clients engaged with your brand:

Create an Objective

Your Facebook cover image can be more than just a logo being uploaded on a plain color background. The cover photo on Facebook serves up a great branding purpose and helps you achieve other business goals. Setting up a clear objective for the Facebook cover photo is highly important. You should try brainstorming on different ideas and choose which suits the best of them all, one idea might be good on the very first thought. But, don’t be so quick, give your ideas sometime and experiment to get the best of them all.

Pick the Right Size for your Cover Photo

It is not possible always to put a long time in uploading the cover photo in perfect size and pixel. You need to have knowledge on this matter. Just make sure that the cover photo looks fabulous and optimized in the right dimensions which are 851×315 pixels normally with less than 200 kb in volume. This is relevant for the desktop. For mobile, the same is to be 640×360 pixels. Thus, if you do not want any hassle so just make sure that cover photos are in right size and content is shown up in right proportions on all the devices.

Stay Up on the Brand

By keeping the cover photo objective in your mind accomplished, you need to always stay up with your brand to an attractive cover image. But, in reality, you should also aim to create social media style which stays up on a brand. You can read further on Why do you need a Brand Style Guide.

best facebook cover photo design tips


Make Your Profile Work Together

It is important for the Facebook page to make your profile picture and cover photo of Facebook works nicely. One of the best way to ensure it is to follow the same style guidelines just as your cover photo and also, make sure that you are delivering the right message to your target because, at the end of the day, you need to make your business stand out from the crowd and rule out your competition in order to increase your visibility.

Do not Hide the Content in your Description:

We’ve seen many business owners compromising their Facebook cover design with their image description which in some cases, might be beneficial, but harms your brand in the long run. You need to realize that you are running a business and your business requires your attention, you need to make sure that you are putting the right thing in the right placeholder.

Align the Objects in a Perfect Manner

It is quite true that the profile picture is on the left side and the cover photo is on the right side. It will surely look aesthetically pleasing, a cover photo is the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook page, so it needs to be creative, memorable and eye-catching at the same time. You need to make sure that all individual elements of your Facebook cover design are aligned in such a way which facilitate the need.

Just remember that the size of the desktop cover photo and mobile cover photo usually differ so arrange your elements in such a way that your message is aligned to the one which is intended for the target audience!


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