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Best HootSuite Alternatives To Level Up Your Social Media Marketing


Bloggers and marketers use social media to promote their posts and blogs. In fact, there are has been many applications that have helped them in this job and HootSuite is one of the most successful of those apps.

However, as technology progressed, different other applications have come into the picture and now, most of them have become better than HootSuite, so you can use them to level up your social media marketing game. So, here’s a look into some of the best HootSuite alternatives you may employ:

1. SocialPilot

Social Pilot is a compact application that combines all the essential marketing techniques such as analytics, engagement, and publishing in one package. It will allow Facebook branding, automated RSS feed, a single dashboard for all social media channels and many other features.

best hootsuite alternative, socialpilot

One of the main reasons why it has come up as an alternative to HootSuite is because you can schedule one content for more than one channel at different timings. Almost all the other features are quite similar to HootSuite except this one distinguishing factor. Plans start from $8.33/month, complete pricing can be explored here.

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2. Buffer

This is also quite similar to HootSuite, but with a twist. One of the biggest reasons for choosing Buffer would be to focus on the posts rather than focus on the interaction with followers. It gives you a visual calendar where you can schedule your posts.

hootsuite alternative: buffer

Also, it has one compact feed for each and every social channel. This gives you an opportunity to create different schedules for different social accounts. Plans offered by Buffer are as low as $15/month, click here to explore complete pricing.

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3. Sendible

Sendible is one of the most talked about an application that can level up your social media marketing in 2018. You will have the option to customize all the social channels that you want in the box and this is a huge benefit for the user. A user with multiple clients may often find it difficult to manage all their social media accounts.

This is where Sendible is such a gem. You can easily manage multiple accounts with ease and you will also be able to track and automate replies to fans and followers. Plans offered here start from $29/month, complete pricing can be seen here.

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4. Agorapulse

It is more than just a normal publishing tool. It allows for social listening and competitor research. You can get unlimited reports on your posts for free and get automated comment moderation.

If you are one of those who does a limited number of posts and wants to get a comprehensive detail about all of them in one single place, then Agaropulse would be the best to work with. This no-nonsense application is perfect for those who do not want a cluttered dashboard. Plans are as low as $39/month, click here to explore the complete pricing.

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With the advent of various social media marketing applications, it is high time that you start to use the above mentioned best HootSuite alternatives because they are not equally good, but way better as compared to HootSuite. Try them to achieve your target goals in social media marketing, Good luck!

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