Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

7 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO [2020]


So what makes an excellent keyword research tool worth investment? Why even utilize one in any case? Well, Keyword Research is the most significant, important, and successful piece of SEO. For this, you need the best keyword research tools. The tool encourages you to discover significant watchwords dependent on your content. It shows how a particular keyword is searched in places like Google, Youtube, Bing, etc.

Driving quality traffic to your site is again the most significant thing in SEO. It is difficult to drive traffic on your site if you don’t have any targeted keywords. This is because individuals who search for similar content won’t discover your site on the first page of Google and will go to your competitor site. Ensuring the use of the right keywords helps your content rank higher in search results. It’s even more important if you have a niche on your blog or site, people will go over your content all the more regularly.

To help you with this, here’s a list of best keyword research tools you may use as a marketing professional,

1. Google Keyword Planner

best tools for keyword research 2020

This one is most popular with small business/organizational usage. It has an easy interface that gives a huge bundle of keywords depending on your topic of choice. Some of the features that can turn out very useful especially for first-time users are:

  1. It’s among the most used keyword research tools and is free to get started with.
  2. Another big feature is that it offers deep information from the database of the google search engine.
  3. This tool is linked with Google AdWords. You can only use this tool if you have a Google AdWords account, which is also free to make.
  4. It provides a good platform for learning about SEO keyword research. After that, you may switch to other complex online tools (paid or unpaid) as per your requirement.

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2. SEMrush

best seo keyword research tools

The tool makes it easy to generate a keyword list. Here, the difference is that you have additional features that make this tool more effective as compared to its competitors. In simple terms, SEMrush provides better quality over quantity. Some of its eye-worthy features are mentioned below.

  1. It finds keywords that drive traffic to your competitors. By knowing those keywords we can easily increase quality traffic to our website.
  2. It also shows the amount of traffic revenue you are losing because of a poor keyword placement on your website which is what makes it different.
  3. Another great feature is showing the best quality keywords instead of just a huge pile of keyword bank.
  4. SEMrush also can show long tail versions of you your exhausted ranking keywords. For example, if you wanted to rank the keyword “Brand value”, you’ll get a result that its too competitive. But this tool can show you the long tail versions such as “Brand name value”, which may turn out much easier for ranking.

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3. Long Tail Pro

best keyword research tools seo

It’s virtually the most powerful and easy to use keyword research tool. It keeps a database of over 7-million queries to give you the best analysis and can help you discover new niches to stay ahead of your competition. Some of the other distinct features are,

  1. If you wish to generate a lot of keywords then this is the perfect tool. You have the option to generate more than 3000 keywords, and all these keywords from just a single keyword, with all the short and long trails.
  2. It doesn’t have many options or any complex data representation feature which makes it easy to use for you as a beginner.
  3. It lets you decide the length of keywords you are searching for. This allows you to focus only on long-tail keywords as well.

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4. Soovle

tools for keyword research in seo 2020

It is one of the best SEO tools that are used by many SEO specialists in their professional life. It is easy to use and customizable keyword research tool with a great user interface. Some of the features which make Soovle worthy of the third place on this list include,

  1. Soovle gives you the freedom to choose suggestive keywords from different social media and other major search providers. You can choose which provider you want to be suggested the best quality keywords from such as, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, Bing, and other 150 search engines.
  2. The tool suggests a type of keywords based on your options. This feature produces keywords that your competitors might not even know about. This feature can be all that is needed for perfect SEO research.
  3. It is super easy to use, all you need to do is type in your keyword and it auto-suggests you with possible recommendations.

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5. Google Search Console

best keyword tools 2020

Google Search Console is not a conventional keyword research tool. However, it has elements that make finding amazing keywords very easy, such as:

  1. Giving thorough report keywords from your website which gets the most clicks on the google search engine.
  2. Giving a list of “special keywords” which can affect your search engine ranking the most.
  3. Integration feature of Google Search Console which helps to integrate with Google Analytics. This feature is so helpful that it gives you in-depth keyword data that you can not obtain from any other SEO tool.

Try Google Search Console >

6. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

tools for keyword planning seo

This is one of the most used premium on this list. Some more features which make it different from others on this list include,

  1. It gives you a very creative data viewing experience.
  2. It surely gives the data that you’d expect from other keyword tools. But also a brief breakdown of all your website pages and your competition. In addition, how many searchers click on a result.
  3. It tells you exactly how many backlinks you will require to rank on your website page unlike any other Keyword/SEO tool available on the internet.

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7. Majestic

best keyword planning tools for seo 2020

Majestic is an all-inclusive SEO tool to monitor your site’s SEO health. It is a perfect tool for new websites and private companies that don’t want to invest a fortune for doing keyword research. The most standout features of this tool are,

  1. All its features are present in a single toolkit and do not need much time to get used to the software working.
  2. It gives you the ability to discover easy to target phrases.
  3. You can easily carry out research competition on each keyword phrase.
  4. It offers an interactive website analysis based on quality, quantity, and most important keywords available.

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So, now that the list is over. I don’t think that we need to revise which one to use as it all depends on your business needs. I hope this post of best keyword research tools for SEO was helpful. Did we miss something? Feel free to comment below and we’ll be happy to include your feedback.

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