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6 Best WordPress A/B Testing Plugins To Optimize Conversion Rate


Numerous entrepreneurs and bloggers are always on a search for more, like more site members, more email subscribers, and more revenue. The one way to get ‘more’ is by increasing the traffic of your site and another way to get ‘more’ is by having greater engagement on your content. Split testing or commonly known as A/B testing helps you in unlocking the latter by providing you with the tools for enhancing your current content to grow your conversion rate. In this post, we’ll be discussing the best WordPress A B testing plugins to conduct split testing on your site.

Forget on assuming whether a post title or design is the finest option, in case feel free to be liberal to test it and get confirmed. Superior quality split testing help you in creating more accurate content which always results in better conversion ratio.

Best A/B Testing WordPress Plugins To Use

Here’s a list you’ve been looking forward to,

1. Nelio A/B Testing

It is viewed as the most comprehensive WordPress A/B testing plugin which you will discover for usage. The majority of the other plugins which you will observe on this list help you conduct A/B tests on the content of your site. On the contrary, Nelio A/B Testing allows you to split test everything regarding the site of your WordPress. This testing allows you to split test different like:

  • Widgets — Test various combinations of widgets.
  • WordPress Themes — Use various themes for checking which one does perform better.
  • Menus — Menus see how various links do influence your menu.

ab testing wordpress plugin

Additionally, it also allows you to test your content and by this, it is meant that you become capable of splitting test:

  • Post titles
  • Pages/posts
  • WooCommerce products

For understanding how the tests do perform, Nelio A/B testing provides you detailed analytics. However, you can even define your individual goals and conversions for tracking the data which matters. For instance, you can make goals like:

  • Visiting a page
  • Clicking a button
  • Submitting a form

2. Simple Page Tester

This option doesn’t propose you numerous A/B testing choices as the former one did, but it does an excellent job of permitting you to test various page/post content against one another.

best wordpress a b testing plugins

You will come across a fundamental free version which is superb for the modest test. They too offer a premium version with slightly more functionality like the visit to conversion graph, javascript snippets etc. The good part is this plugin is easy to use & implement.

3. Thrive Optimize

This is an A/B testing plugin which is unique as it has been developed with the ‘Thrive Architect’ page builder. This is the reason you require using both Thrive Optimize and Thrive Architect for running your split tests. The plugin provides you with a well-designed and simple interface and from this; you can spin up novice test variants quickly.


Additionally, you can select the goal to track and even distribute your traffic between various tests by making use of percentages. After this, Thrive Optimize provides you with detailed analytics on the same. In fact, you can have Thrive Optimize use statistics for declaring a winner automatically. So, it can be said that Thrive Optimize has got one of the most wonderful interfaces of a WordPress A/B testing plugin that a user can rely upon.

4. Google Optimize

Technically, it isn’t a plugin, but it is a free alternative A/B testing tool. This testing tool offered by Google; however, you will not be able to develop A/B tests from within your WordPress dashboard. You will only be using Google Optimize cloud interface before adding some code scraps to your WordPress site. Like, you will be required to build a couple of separate pages in WordPress before entering those URLs in this interface. After this, Google Optimize will run the test for providing you detailed analytics.

google optimize wordpress wp

Though this option isn’t very convenient as Nelio A/B Testing, yet it is perhaps the most convenient A/B testing tool which you will be able to discover.

5. Title Experiments

Title Experiments happen to be a lot more confined in comparison to the earlier split testing plugins. In lieu of allowing you to test an element of your page, Title Experiments allow you to split test various post titles. It might seem to be a little thing, but your post title happens to be a big reason why visitors do click on your content.

In addition, this plugin takes a little amount of time to set up. When you have installed and activated it, you can use “+Add New Title” button for entering one or more than one extra title at the time of creating content.

6. Utilize a Third-party SaaS Testing Tool

When you are hunting for the optimal flexibility, then you are liberal to use one of the various third-party SaaS split testing facilities. Though these services are again not WordPress plugins technically, yet they are generally pretty easy to combine into your WordPress website. There are some that offer more dedicated plugins for helping in simplifying the integration method.

However, the only downside is these services are generally costlier compared to WordPress plugins and they operate on recurring monthly billing and this makes most of the bloggers to avoid them. If you wish to do something which is high-powered, there are some excellent SaaS WordPress A/B testing tools and they are:

  • Optimizely
  • VWO
  • AB Tasty

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