5 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins for Mobile & Web Devices


It is a great idea to stay in touch with all the visitors to your website. Your visitor should be informed when you publish a new post on your website. The question is whether it is possible to do so? Yes, you can do it with the help of WordPress push notification plugins that are available for both web browser and mobile devices. Push notification is a very powerful option as it empowers you to bring back your loyal customers/visitors onto your website. It is obvious that it provides the user with more visibility than a normal email. It is found in research that the rate of email click is around 2-5% whereas the average push notification rate is around 11%. So, it is highly feasible as well, if you employ its use in your marketing strategy.

Let us check some of the best WordPress push notification plugins 2020 that are available in the market.

The following WordPress Push Notification Plugins are very commonly used and are very popular in the market:

1. PushEngage

best push notification plugin for wordpress

PushEngage is one of the excellent wp push notification plugin that is available for both web browsers and mobile devices. It is compatible with all popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.

Allowing you to target your users geographically, it makes it to the top of this list. That means it allows to send the notification to users based on the geographical location. It also allows to immediately alert the user whenever a new post is published in the website. The best thing is that it is free up to 120 notifications and to about 2500 subscribers. Thereafter you can choose the plan which starts from $25 per month.

2. PushAssist

PushAssist is another amazing standalone push notification service that offers a dedicated WordPress plugin. It allows you to segment the users and you will also be able to send the notification to the user with an automated process along with detailed analytics at the end of each cycle.

Apart from that, it has a unique feature that allows you to preview the notification before you send it to your users. It will give you a detailed idea of how the notification will look in real life for the user. The best thing about PushAssist is that it is free up to 3000 subscribers and thereafter you have to pay a nominal $9 per month for using it.

3. OneSignal

best wordpress push notification plugin

OneSignal is another in this list of best WordPress push notification plugins that can be easily integrated with the WordPress website. It also supports both the desktop and mobile version and is compatible with almost every major internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari as well as Google Chrome. The ideal feature is that each time a post is published, a notification is sent to the end-user.

Apart from that it also allows you to segment the users and send them a particular notification based on your custom criteria. The best thing about OneSignal is that it is absolutely free without any limitation.

4. Gravitec.net

wp service for push notification

Gravitec.net is another excellent push notification plugin that is ideal for WordPress. It is compatible with all kinds of devices like mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. It provides remarkable benefits to the whole business community as well as personal bloggers. The best feature of Gravitec is that with the help of it you can make a personalized experience for each and every user who you are going to send the notification to.

Other major benefits of this notification plugin include multiple language support and detailed analytics. You can also start by using the FREE pricing and upgrade if needed.

5. WonderPush

push notification wp plugin

Last but not least is Wonderpush, which is the simplest available WordPress plugin out there. But it is not compatible with all web browsers – it only supports Google Chrome on both desktop and Android mobile and Mozilla Firefox only on the desktop. It allows you to schedule the notification so that they are sent automatically to the users at a particular point in time.

Though WonderPush is not free but allows you to use a 14-day trial and after that, you need to pay as per your requirement.

These are some common WordPress push notifications plugins that you should try to send a notification to your visitors. But before going choosing the best WordPress push notifications plugins, you have to first determine your necessities and then you can accordingly make a wise selection.

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