9 Most Reliable Blog Promotion Ideas to Boost Traffic in 2020


Blogging seems like it involves only writing and publishing. But endorsing your blog post is also very important. It is never possible to just develop high-quality valuable content for your blog and then assume that readers would find their way to your website for getting their desired contents. So, it becomes highly necessary to make use of effective blog promotion ideas to boost traffic.

You must keep this in mind that blog promotion ideas are an integral portion of your content strategy when you wish your work to be watched, shared as well as consumed properly by the target audience.

Ways to Boost Blog Traffic in 2020

Some tactics are highly effective in boosting traffic and they can develop long-lasting growth path needed for your blog. Remember, a planned and compact blog promotion strategy ought to comprise multiple tactics from the below list:

1. Target Well-Known Search Terms & Phrases

It is considered one of the most usual ways for the readers to discover content. Readers look for a topic and also type a question into the search form to find relevant content.

Hence, for attracting readers to your content, you must optimize it. You can do keyword research to locate the topmost keywords that people are looking for and develop content for targeting those keywords.

PRO TIP. You can make use of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner (Free) or use paid suites like Mangools KWFinder (Recommended)

KWfinder research

2. Use On-Page Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) Finest Practices

This is considered yet another way for ensuring readers to locate the best content. This process can be accomplished by optimizing your website and this way, your pages will have a more chance of ranking.

Every page on your website ought to target one chief keyword and so, you can use on-page SEO supreme practices for the process of optimizing the page for the chosen search term.

PRO TIP. You may make use of various On page SEO checker tools like Mangools SiteProfiler, or if using WordPress, you may opt for using plugins like SEOpressor (Recommended), Yoast SEO etc.

blog promotion ideas

3. Influence Search Engine Marketing

When your concentration lies in building organic SEO then remember, organic SEO will aid your blog promotion slowly and will finally lead more and more readers to your site. Now, if you have just begun SEO, then the chances are that it will take time for building good ratings on SERPs organically.

During this time, you can choose to place your matter at the upper position of the search pages. Again, you can make use of SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns to make your appearance apparent in front of the readers and draw readers to your website/blog.

4. Begin with Facebook & Then Grow

For numerous bloggers, Facebook has turned into an initial stop for brand building. If the newest data from Pew Research Center is to be believed then seventy-one percent of internet users use Facebook as it is considered the most prevalent social media platforms in the whole world.

Further, it is way easier to build an audience on Facebook as compared to any other platform like Twitter, Instagram etc.

5. Implement a Social Media Endorsement Plan

Social media comes next to search and it is another chief way for the audiences to discover content over the internet. Social media users do browse their newsfeeds and also use hashtags for discovering blog posts that strike their interest. For using social media for your set of blog promotion ideas, you must never post updates occasionally but instead develop & remain glued to a steady and strong promotional strategy.

  • For every blog post, develop quality social media posts through various platforms. You may eventually benefit more if you concentrate on the platforms that your ideal audience uses.
  • Develop custom social media graphics meant for every post which resemble the image provisions of every social site.
  • Endorse your newest content aggressively.
  • Continue to endorse high-performing content even when it has become old.
  • Tag the respective person or brand that is mentioned in your content and let him know that he was featured and encourage him to share posts.
  • Encourage your post’s social shares by displaying click-to tweet buttons, share buttons, and call-to-action for sharing on your pages.

6. Promote Content via Paid Social Media Advertisements

Similar to organic and paid search promotions to use both organic as well as paid social media promotions for attracting the attention to your blog content. With the help of these kinds of tactics, you will be using detailed hyper-targeting filters for presenting advertisements meant for your content to a very specific target audience.

PRO TIP. You may make use of Alexa’s Audience Overlap and Site overview tools

boost blog traffic 2019

7. Tap into the Strength of Online Influencers

This is another effective method to increase the visibility of your content. Online influencers happen to be writers, blogs, and social media personalities who already have loyal followers. They contain readers who are always eager and wait for the influencers to post as well as share content. Again, for getting your content that additional exposure, you must have an influencer marketing strategy. You can use it in the form of a resource to share your content with your followers. A person can perform this blog promotional idea in some ways like:

  • Ask influencers to write and post on your blog. When they will do this, it will drive their readers to your website and familiarize them to your brand.
  • Ask social media influencers for sharing your content via their social network.
  • Make Digital PR outreach a portion of your marketing policies. Publish superior quality and unique content to cater to authoritative websites for seeing if they have an interest in covering your content. When your content is valuable, then other sites will definitely write about it and it will ultimately boost traffic.
  • Be genuine and return the favor. Reach out to influencers and share your content. And always remember, the relationships ought to be mutually beneficial. You can propose to write for their blog, endorse their work and ask them for returning the favor.

8. Actively Guest Post

This tactic comprises guest posting on different blogs. Though it might look counterintuitive, yet you can endorse your blog by a publication of posts on different sites. Again, at the time of guest posting, you must attempt to comprise a link back to your website or article content.

9. Know Your Audience

Again, your audience is the key to your success. So, you must ensure to make use of the best practices to stay updated with the latest trends and tactics, along with producing quality content that delivers value. Using this would probably increase your audience loyalty ratio as well, which further is always desired.

Writing might be seen as the most vital part of blogging, but it’s only half of the process.


Hence, it can be said that for ensuring readers discover and consume your content, you ought to put too much effort into blog promotion. You ought to use the blog promotion ideas for increasing exposure and driving larger readers back to boost blog traffic.

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