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Does your website have a blog? Is it just a blog or are you able to actualize blogs in your content marketing strategy and win some customers who read your blogs? Well, let’s begin with digging up some difference between blog writing and content marketing and see who wins the Blog Writing vs Content Marketing fight!

As per the facts from Content Marketing Institute, almost 80% of B2B marketers and around 75% of B2C marketers are now including blogging among their current techniques. Why, you ask? Well because according to another research done by Orbit shows an increase of 60% in the number of bloggers who are now promoting their content via email and blogs.

Not only these facts reveal the importance of blogs for promoting your brand, but they also indicate a significant reality that your audience is evolving, and now you too need to change your marketing skills. In a world crazy and bonded over the Internet, the website is the first place where you can meet your potential customers. So when they come on your site and browse through the Blog section, what do they see?

Either you can offer them blogs which are factual, traditional with almost 700 words and even longer and bombard your content. Or, you can put on your thinking hat, do something extraordinary, stay up to date with the latest trend and serve them with a blog like never before!


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It’s high time for you to revamp and change the entire idea of creating contents for your blogs. Your blogs are excellent and resourceful that’s an undeniable fact, but the BIG question is: Are these blogs part of your content marketing scheme?

With those facts staring at your face, you cannot ignore the importance of generating a content which would bring in more audience to your blogs, websites and of course into your business. So, next time you are spending time and fortune doing blogs, think about how these simple blogs can be turned into outstanding content marketing strategy!

Reflect on the blogs as a picture you wish to paint about your brand to your audience. Or in other words, as Laura Busche puts,

Content sparks our connections with others, our own selves, and the world. Every image, text, sound, or video that you have released into the world carries a part of you that others can relate to. If actions reveal our priorities, the content we share explains them.”

Therefore, the time of collecting some facts and filling them up with SEO keywords is over. Now, your audience demands something which is new and refreshing and at the same time engaging and well-researched.

Remember what Lee Odden suggests,

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”

So, give up on your past blogs and make content which markets you and promotes your brand in style! Market yourself through your content! It’s always good to If you plan to revamp your content marketing strategies and look forward to some serious talent to do that for you, Feel free to reach out to us!

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