Top 7 Chatbot Benefits for Business in 2020


Chatbots have become quite popular these days. Many businesses have already been using them to provide proactive assistance to their website visitors. It’s purely a new way to communicate and deliver the brand message across, also, many brands like American Express and H&M are using them to supercharge their customer experience. Though chatbot technology is being adapted and merged with many emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning etc. Most people haven’t yet discovered the true potential of chatbots till now and just to reveal the same, here’s a list of top 7 chatbot benefits for business usage,

1. Available & Accessible ?

Gone back are the days of waiting long hours in a queue to avail the next available operative and getting frustrated if the support took long. Chatbots can interact to their defined target 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They are replacing many live chat systems and other forms of inefficient contact methods like emails and phone call supports. Also, employing them improves customer satisfaction and helps you rank higher in your industry.

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2. Can Manage Large Volume Requests ⚙️

While humans can only communicate with a single individual at a time, on the other hand, chatbots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of users/people. It doesn’t matter how many people are interacting with your website or what’s the time on the clock, a chatbot would allow the brand to serve all the questions in a simultaneous manner.

Many companies like Dominos and Taco Bell are already using chatbots to arrange their delivery parcels.

3. Better Understanding of Users ????

When you own a company, customer service plays a major role in managing your business. And further, to gain more profits count, you are required to know what your customer desires and delivery exactly that.

With the use of chatbots, you can get insights into what your customers are preferring and therefore, provide improved offers to generate sales. You can also make use of data you get from the from chatbot to tailor new experiences for your customers as its use fetches you a relative view of what interests the user most.

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4. Time Saving Investment

A great example of how chatbots help companies save time is by answering their potential client’s general FAQ’s. We all know the importance and benefits of FAQs on the website, it’s just that your users might not bother to go there and read them, instead of fire up emails to your support team.

A chatbot can help you simplify the process by answering all the FAQs and their variants in just a go!

5. Very Low on Maintenance ?

Small businesses can develop a predefined script for various functions such as giving an update on an issue, providing suggestions to end users etc. This might require an initial setup capital, but soon, will conclude to just a relatively low cost of uptime.

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6. Platform Independent ?

One of the most viable chatbot benefits for business is that they are flexible in their approach and allow businesses to serve their costumers on almost every platform and the best part, they’re native too. It’s easy to adopt a chatbot to different platforms and integrate them into your already existing IT infrastructure.

7. User-centric Analytics and Data Collection ?

Chatbots can help you record data, trend, and other metrics which help you determine the efficiency of the sales funnel. You can further use its features to adjust processes and responses accordingly.

The verdict here says that chatbot benefits are way more than just investing money over a piece of software. A recent survey conducted by Business Insider proved that more than 80% of businesses would need chatbots by the end of 2020.

Chatbots are only going to evolve over time and would be able to create more opportunities for companies to explode. I recommend using Collect chat as an ideal choice if you are starting out and want to use a chatbot builder tool that easy and flexible for usage. It offers a unique package of all the chatbot benefits for business which we discussed in this post, sign up via link below to start using it!

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