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Why Incorporating a Chatbot would Enhance Your Customer Service


Artificial Intelligence is a big buzzword these days and businesses are widely using it to improvise user experience. One such implementation is that of a chatbot. Chatbot customer experience based-applications are taking over the roles of customer services rapidly and the consumers are not able to say with whom they are communicating- a computer or a human. Chatbots can produce results that are possible by any representatives of the customer services. Further, bots can even serve customers 24×7 and can transfer the calls to the human representatives if & when required.

Apart from just giving quick answers, a chatbot customer experience offers real assistance, can improve functionality, boost your efficiency and maximize the sustainability of the company with minimum effort and cost. If the customer service department is always busy with the calls then a chatbot may prove to be beneficial in the following ways: 

  • The business receives several simple questions, which the employees answer repetitively.

  • The customers are searching for information or simple answers, which can be retrieved easily from the existing documents.

  • You work in a competitive market wherein quality and quick customer service support the major deciding factor for a buyer.

Chats with the right programming can handle several conversations and can bring the cost of a single interaction to zero. The companies that are considering the capabilities of the chatbots should adopt approaches, which can favor the needs of the customers. Still saying why incorporate a chatbot? Here’s a list of chatbot customer experience effectiveness one may consider giving a thought to,

1. Think about a Chatbot Strategically

A chatbot is a tool and not a strategy. It will not solve the issues of the customers better than an email address or a telephone. You should be thoughtful regarding the situations where Artificial Intelligence can reduce the daily customer queries.

The Bot may serve as the first responders to a company, however, if it is not able to answer a question timely, it directs the customers to a human representative. It is not a marketing tool but a customer satisfaction and an experience tool.

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2. Do not Leave Your Customers in Dark

People get irritated waiting on hold. It is one of the bigger reasons why people avoid interacting with the customer service department & this also explains why the consumers are eager for embracing the bots. According to a survey conducted on 5000 consumers, 38% of people have a positive impression of the chatbots and 11% view it negatively. The remaining 51% of the people were indifferent. They should provide good customer experiences and the tools must keep the customers informed of the whole process. I would recommend using as it offers quality chatbot customer experience when incorporated with a website and could help you generate new leads off your web presence as well. Also, it’s very easy to use, even as a non-coder.

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Many companies rather viewing chatbots to enhance customer experiences are using them for reducing costs. This mentality has made the organizations implement this technology very poorly. The customers should be entertained by a new way to interact with the customer services department.

3. Invest Time and Money on Experience

You have to encourage the customers to change from the email and phone to the chatbots. This requires excellent customer services and for creating worthwhile experiences, companies need to invest a lot of time and money. According to a study, 56% of the consumers will prefer participating in online chats rather than talking to a customer service agent on the phone.

If you are a small business who’s still trying to make ends meet. A decision to invest in a separate customer service department could be a hard one to make, but you may employ a simple chatbot instead to just stand apart & increase engagement ratio for your business.

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4. Enhance Profitability

Chatbots offer a great communication wherein they may ask for in-depth questions for understanding the root problem. With the integration of the chatbots with the online businesses, the companies are able to interact with the customers in a better way. This is providing better customer experiences and leading to higher revenue.

Having good customer assistance 24×7 may give a positive impact. If the answers are more efficient and more accurate then the customer experience will be higher. Customers appreciate direct communication instead of long holds and call transfers.


Chatbots are a great value to the companies. They can manage the repetitive customer service calls that lead to efficiency in operations with increased customer satisfaction and added a bonus. They are like middlemen, handling the simple questions and forwarding the difficult ones for the representatives of customer services. In this way, your customer service department even can function more effectively.

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