how to use chatbots for lead generation 2020

An Honest Guide to Lead Generation Chatbots Building


Companies across the globe find it difficult to generate leads for their business. And since it has a direct connection in ringing the cash registers, the process of generating leads cannot be slighted. While most businesses still buy random email lists or hire agencies to handle the lead generation process, nothing works like making your clients come to you. This can be made possible using various lead generation chatbot alternatives. Presently, there are a million companies that want a share of the pie, if you don’t possess a strong strategy to attract clients, you are in for a tough ride.

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Once was a time when online marketing was dominated by SEO, SEM and social likes. Now, there is a huge drift towards content and people, now, like to engage in a direct method. For this, chatbots play a role. Think of chatbots as a self-service option where your leads can interact with your brand without any human intervention.

Instant messaging and chatbots are probably the fastest-growing trends and one of the most powerful weapons that marketers possess today. The following guide brings everything you need to know on how to design chatbots for Lead Generation.

How do Chatbots Work?

A conversation with a chatbot works in a similar fashion to a mind map structure. There are specific directions taken and each decision undertakes a specific route. The best example is Alexa, on the questions that you ask it, there are pre-fed answers which are delivered in a conversational tone. The best part about this is that the lead feels as if they are in conversation with someone from your company. This is why the conversion ratio of a lead through a chatbot is usually higher.

I recommend using as the best lead generation chatbot builder out there. Here’s a complete review you may check out.

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Benefits of using Chatbots

Here are some of the benefits of chatbots which are worth noticing,

  • Chatbots can keep track of data, trends, and metrics thus helping you create processes and predict trends
  • A chatbot can simultaneously handle any amount of requests, there is no need to increase the capacity or create more templates.
  • You can integrate chatbots on all web platforms, whether it is native HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce and more.
  • They are operational 24*7 and 365 days. Therefore, they are ready to talk to your customers always.
  • It saves you a lot of overheads by helping you keep the number of support staff on your rolls to a bare minimum.

Lead Generation Chatbots

Some Use-Cases for Chatbots

  • Drive visitors from your mobile website to the play store using a chatbot. It makes it easy to guide users to the right channel with almost zero effort.
  • If you are an event management company, you can let your visitors get more information about you including price, packages and more.
  • Get feedback from people who dine in your restaurant. Use the feedback to offer even better services to them.
  • Give the opportunity for people to interact and enquire about the type of courses you offer on your education business and use the lead’s information to pitch more products.
  • Use chatbots to make it easier for your e-commerce site visitors to make a purchase decision and also let them browse your products without having to rely on erratic internet speeds.

Things to Consider before using Chatbots

Chatbots help you increase your conversion rate, but should I use them? Well, you must. Depending on what sort of business you run, your application will vary accordingly.

1. Define Your Use Case

While there are many interesting use cases when it comes to using chatbots, you need to be clear about why you tend to use them. Is it to increase your conversion count? Is it to help solve customer service tickets? or, Is it to sound more appealing to your potential leads? Once you are clear about its objective, only then you need to implement the next step. As you will be required to visualize your goal.

2. Channels to Employ

You will need different bots for different channels like your Twitter page, Website, Facebook page, and more. Why? Because your lead’s knowledge about your business depends on the kind of platform they discover you on. In fact, you must create multiple bots if you have different purposes of using them. For example, a customer service chatbots’ content should be different from a lead magnet one.

3. Define a Content Strategy

The nature of content in a chatbot will define the experience of a visitor. You need to account this and ensure that each question goes through several iterations and makes sense in the end. Think about the objective of customers, this way you can predict the nature of the conversation that they will have. Further, simply use it to frame them.

4. Collect Lead’s Information

It doesn’t matter what kind of interaction happens with the bot, the final step should always be collecting information from them, including name, phone number, email ID, and so on. Nurturing these leads and bringing them in as a client over time is what businesses should aim for.

How to Use Chatbots For Lead Generation?

While chatbots are amazing to convert a visitor into a potential lead, what strategy to employ in order to get someone talking to it? Here’s the answer.

1. Segmenting Audience

Segmentation plays a major role in keeping your content relevant. It also escalates your lead generation strategy. Suggesting Frech residents a tour package, valid for the Indian citizens can spoil the customers’ experience completely. Your chatbot can segment the audience based on the data they receive from the end-user. It could do so on various factors like demographics, interests, gender, age, etc. If a customer belongs to a particular category, you can deal with him with the solution you have for that section.

For example, if a user celebrates Christmas, the bot can display a few presents available to gift at Christmas.

This can be very impactful since it targets the audience with a fitting solution.

2. Helps Understand The Audience

You need to realize that selling products to customers can be hard if you don’t know their interests. Chatbots help you solve this hard issue. A chatbot makes it easy to help you understand your audience. It enables you to identify their product interests, likes and dislikes. Further, it makes the lead engagement process more efficient. It can conduct surveys, ask questions and quizzes whenever users talk to it. Thus, helping you get fresh insights on the best and least performing products.

An eCommerce company can use a sales chatbot to increase lead generation.

For example, if a user visits your website, the bot can ask for their interests. If the user enters the laptops, the bot can show the best laptops you’ve got in your store.

3. Replace Forms

At times, filling out forms has become a tedious task to do. Neither it’s exciting nor engaging to the user. Chatbots can replace these forms in a super-effective way and help in generating leads cleverly.

It asks user details within the conversation as the user goes deep. This lessens the streamlines of the data collection process for you. Hence boosts your lead generation strategy as the customer doesn’t have to make efforts to fill info.

Users find it easier to give information in reply to an answer. Having a chatbot to collect lead information doesn’t bore the user at all.

4. Building Relationships

A chatbot helps in building trust by having a regular conversation with the audience. It engages viewers by providing instant support and by always being available to help them. This makes the users think that there’s a brand they can always rely on. This can be very helpful for lead generation. People rely on chatbots because they’re not pushy and they always take care of the customer’s preferences.

You can provide customer support via a chatbot for your users. If they suffer from any issues related to their experience or their account, they’ll ask the bot how to fix it. And as you know it, the response would be provided in real-time.

chatbots for Lead Generation 2020


If you plan well your chatbot cycle well, increasing your lead count won’t be a difficult skill to crack. I personally recommend using as it is pretty simple to use and set up. Also, it offers the fastest & robust approach that allows anyone to start off with their lead generation chatbots templates in almost no time. All you need to do is sign up to create an account and use the template which suits your business model. That’s it!

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