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Code Deployment Tips to Consider for your Deployment Plan


What happens when we give your projects to a Web developer when he is done coding, he exclaims “coding complete”, is it enough? After the coding is complete, It’s hosting on servers is next problem. It’s called Code Deployment (Learn more). Coding may include, its new feature integration,  platform redesigning & fixing bugs. Frequently it’s a combination of all. Until the time codes are not uploaded or deployed on the server, the website is of no benefit. In this post, we’ll take you through with common code deployment tips to follow while developing your deployment plan.

Deployment Risks

When we deploy the codes, we want the website to be up running all the time on its servers. Hence in case of the website not accessible which is also known as Downtime. It is often the main risk of deployments, In GoDaddy, hosting server 99.99 % is assured uptime, which means no downtime in a casual case, but you might face a downtime if some natural calamity shows up. Code deployment is not easy in some cases, new codes take time to get uploaded to the existing platform, while in some it takes just a few seconds.

Well, all the time we are concerned about the best service to be provided. In some cases, new codes can bring bugs too, which must be taken away or restored to the previous version, this is known as Rollback. Programming is then done to fix the existing bugs. Programming is a tough task, including its deployment, In case of some deployments, rollback is easy and done in a few seconds, while some are irreversible.

Tricky Code Deployments

Programmer’s task is to simplify deployments with ease and taking its safeness into consideration because wrong deployments can lead to the suffering of businesses. Deployment of Codes must be given to professionals only, but the stress and risk of deploying can be managed by practicing a counter-intuitive method of deploying the codes.

Frequent deployment of codes also reduces the number of codes per update, which leads to easier rollback in case of unfixable/ problematic bugs. Deploying codes frequently causes less time to upload the codes which lead to less time for downtime.

In today’s race for the best, cutting-edge companies deploy the updates daily, some companies like Amazon deploy every 12 seconds. The benefit of deploying fast codes is for the better user experience of customers. And the benefits is better UI AND UX i.e. Better checkout procedure or new menu to showcase an advanced new line of products.

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A General Deployment Process We Follow

By way of example, 0ur process for code deployments to some of our client’s Shopify  App/ Bigcommerce/ Volusion/ Woocommerce etc is as follows.

In most of the cases, deployment must be as per every change we make, like if we type 6 new codes, then six deployments required in a day.

Since deployment is specific, so changes or breakdown are easily detectable, hence it makes easy to fix bugs. Deployment is always done to see and to keep the style design/Front-end designing intact, sometimes it is at backend changes only. These aren’t always visible to a customer. This idea has lead to a faster execution of the new idea and fewer problems while we are fixing the bugs, hence it keeps the business always up and running. Always keep a check on how you can improve the timing of deployment and how often you do it because the fast it is, the more advanced and up to date you are !!!

Keep Asking Yourself

How much time it takes to perform a deployment?” “How many times do my app/ website new version deployments occur?” It must not take longer than 30 minutes to perform a deployment if you do deployment frequently. Always ask “Why?” and, importantly, “How can it be improved?” As there is always scope for improvement. If you need help with developing your application/website, feel free to Get in touch with us.


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  1. Thanks for the useful tips, these are really really helpful and will take a note of this whenever I deploy my applications in future!

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