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Collect Chat Review 2020: An Honest Overview, Features & Pricing

Shares is an interactive chatbot builder that allows you to build chatbots using a simple drag and drop templates. With zero programming skills, anyone can replace their traditional website forms with an interactive chatbot that engages with every visitor on the sales front. Want to know all the features? Let’s hop on with Collect chat review,

Overview provides you with a chatbot builder where you could create fast & efficient chatbots. With it, you can gain control over whatever your chatbot does and that all, without tweaking even a single line of code. It serves an ideal platform to build email lists, gathering feedbacks, scheduling sales meetings, execute surveys and much more!


With it, companies are able to gather more information from their visitors and turn them into potential leads.


1. Seamless Chatbot Builder lets you build your chatbots just after your sign up and deploys them almost immediately with no loss of time, capital and other valuable resources. Also, it supports multiple languages and allows users to target the chatbot to open at the right position and at the targeted time.

collect chat review 2019

2. Exceptional Question Templates

Collect.Chat offers you various question templates containing relevant and significant questions to ask your visitors. This allows anyone to build a chatbot that is engaging and entice your website visitors to interact, ensuring that there’s a personalized approach carried out for the end-user.

3. Fast & Easy Installation

Once you are done with building a chatbot for your website, many tools offer a huge amount of pain when it comes to integration. But this isn’t the case with Collect.Chat, it offers you 3 easy ways to install the snippet to your website: Copy-paste the code snippet, Use their WordPress plugin or Mail the snippet to your developer.


4. Powerful Visualizations

When you’re done with integrating the code snippet on your website, Collect.Chat offers you an admin dashboard wherein you can understand the tracks of your user via powerful visualizations. It also gives you built-in visualization tools that offer users all the necessary valuable insight into customer responses.

5. On the Go Service!

On a busy schedule of sales meetings? No worries, works on full automation. Further, it also notifies you via email if someone left their details on the bot.

You may too associate multiple email ids notification when someone leaves their information on the bot or completes an intended chat cycle. This way, you can easily track what work is being performed by your sales team in your absence.


Collect.Chat offers 5 small- and medium-sized business plans along with an enterprise pricing plan for users to choose from. The lowest plan starts from as low as $24 and it goes by $99. You can also avail of an UNLIMITED PLAN at a cost of $299 per month. You can compare the details as follows,

collect chat review pricing


At the end of this Collect chat review, I’d like to say that everyone needs live chat software in the modern age of the internet. not only fulfills the basic criteria required to solve the purpose. Also, it let’s users start their initial journey at zero cost. Hope you liked this Collect Chat review, click here to start using it for free.

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