Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid 2019 - 3

4 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)


Digital marketing is changing constantly and due to this reason, it is very common to commit mistakes. Keeping up with the latest trends can be a tedious task at times and might result off in a mistake. The real problem lies in the failure to catch up the digital marketing mistakes after it becomes too late. You can always learn from the common digital marketing mistakes made by other companies in order to avoid them.

Businesses should be more determined and focused on their digital marketing strategies.

This is a possible way to generate huge gains and promote your website’s reputation to your target audiences. Otherwise, there are possibilities, wherein you may not be able to gather sufficient rankings on Google’s search engine page which might cause a huge business loss. You’ll always try to bring people to your website so they may convert, but committing any of the following digital marketing mistakes might create a hurdle in your success, be sure not to commit them.

Here are 4 common digital marketing mistakes you need to consider before planning out your strategy:

1. Overspending on Facebook & Google Ads

Many new companies spend a lot of money on Facebook and Google Ads in the hope that it is a great solution to get new customers and then skyrocket their sales, with no or very little results.

In the end, they realize they have wasted a lot of cash. According to a study, on an average, just 25 percent of actual money spent on digital ads reach the target group. And a study too showed that many people do not prefer ads while making a search.

Rather than wasting money in the hope that people may see the ad of your company and then click on it, as a company you can spend your money and time to provide value to your consumers.

In a content-driven world, providing a useful, entertaining, and engaging content should be your main focus instead of the number of clicks you receive.

2. Ignoring the Analytics

The tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush are absolutely necessary to receive feedback on what is failing and what is working. Many businesses make a huge mistake by creating blog posts or social media posts without tracking the performances. You may learn a lot about your audience from just a single post by knowing the way people are engaging with your provided information. A good factor can be the number of engagements such as comments, likes, retweets etc.

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common digital marketing mistakes to avoid 2019

Analytics of your website could provide you with constant analysis and help in reviewing the content. Also, they could be used for finding out how effectively the content is interacting with your audience. You should utilize the data gained from analytics to your benefit and enhance your online reach.

3. Accountability is an After-Thought

The business owners formulate a digital marketing strategy but they do not pay adequate attention to the roles and responsibilities of resource assignment. Accountability is a challenge particularly when there is no clarity about the responsibility of every employee. Quite Often, businesses place the responsibility about social media marketing on a particular individual. It shall work when you are a sole owner or a small business owner, however, it never works out if you are heading a large organization.

A solution lies in agreeing on organizational objectives and goals, establishing responsibilities, creating an overarching strategy, setting metrics, and also having constant checkpoints for tracking wins and hiccups. If you create an approach like this, you can make most of the resources and their efforts.

Some of the examples of these roles include website SEO, content creator, CRM manager, lead generation specialist, etc. It shall help you in creating a better and informed strategy to avoid common digital marketing mistakes.

4. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Spending a few thousand dollars is a waste of resources as well as money when you are not targeting the right audience. You may have a great idea that you want to share on the social media platforms, but, you may not be reaching out to the right target audience, their actions, and their needs.

You must invest a decent amount of time to know your target audiences, i.e., Who you want to reach out to? Making assumptions about people who will be interested in your services and products is a mistake and fairly common too.

online marketing mistakes to avoid in 2019

In this world of social media presence and free analytics, it is just an excuse to not knowing your targets. Your marketing performance shall be based largely on engaging, knowing your target audiences and offering them the interactive as well as engaging content. If you are planning to get involved deeply, you shall be able to reduce your focus, spend most of your money and time on content along with ads that people want to see and further, could relate to.


Digital marketing is not anything to be scared of. You should be completely aware of these common digital marketing mistakes to avoid them. Try to adopt proactive and healthier approaches as they would help you to plan your strategy well. You might not observe improvements overnight, however, a gradual positive impact could be expected.

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