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Show, Don’t Tell: Content Creation Tips for Better Conversion


According to stats, almost every brand faces difficulty when it comes to marketing their product or service. While it is easy if you learn how to be presentable with your content, some individuals feel like lost in a desert when dealing with curation ideas. What kind of content do people really want to read and will interest them? This question is really tricky as it all depends on what niche you are targeting, what’s your product/service USP and then only you may have a great hook in your audience’s eyes. No worries, here are a few content creation tips that would help you along your marketing efforts,

What is Showing vs Telling?

Generally, show-don’t-tell is a descriptive technique which tries to enable readers to experience an entire story or piece of the story through actions, visuals, and audios rather than casual descriptions. There’s an old saying by a Russian Playwriter, named Anton Chekhov,

Don’t tell me that the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on a broken glass”

So, you got the point? Your customers will be more interested to know about the product/service if you are able to deliver the message in a tailored experience. Next big question, How can you apply this to your business? First of all, you need to know that your customers are looking for different and unique content. You cannot be curating the same old topic which everyone in the market is delivering. An amazing example is

And also, they’re not looking for an immersive 100 pages book to get onto a simple and straightforward point. Here, you can go with a small abbreviation KISS– Keep it Simple Stupid. Do not forget the most important part, the balance between showing and telling must be taken into consideration. Here are a few content creation tips that you may follow –

1. Create a Walkthrough (Step-by-Step Guide)

Have a long message that needs to be delivered to your audience? Before going to curate up the content, try to break it down into smaller and simpler bits of information. You need to create a content copy that solves the pain point audience is having. We can help you simplify your job and divide the segment into 2 halves-

  1. Tell the reader about the problem, and then introduce tips.
  2. Show your readers how to put them into the practical world.

2. Use Relevant Studies And Data in Your Content

We see a lot of fake news around and also, at times we need data stats to believe a fact completely. Similarly, when you are focusing on presenting your brand’s product/service in the market, give your audience a few reasons to know why your product is good or service you are offering is better than others.

Also, try to use some industrial facts wherever you can, whenever you can as it not only helps you gain trust but also boosts your lead count. For example, if you are an investment firm, try showcasing the negative side of evil investments and the amount of loss industry has faced in the past year due to wrong investment options. This will help you stand out from the crowd as you’ll be consulting them in delivering quality investment options.

3. Have Emphasis on Words

As we all know, sometimes a word is enough to tell somebody what you feel and what experience you have. In a similar way, when you are competing for brand positioning there are some words which your audience can correlate easily. Most successful brands try to keep their brand message short, crisp and to the point which is the major reason why they are so successful.

4. Tune in to Video-based Content

We all know that video-based content is on the rise and According to Cisco, 82% of the worldwide consumer-based content will be video by 2021. So why not make an early move and invest in this today. People love to watch content than to read it. Video is quickly becoming a new engagement way for content marketers and most of the brands are spending millions to get quality video content. Also, do not forget the fact that videos are the best way of delivering walkthroughs.

5. Balance is Important

The most common mistake which is made while you are creating content is that you overdo one segment, i.e. either the end copy contains a lot of visuals but lacks explainer text or it consists of major textual content but lack general perspective of visuals. One must be wise while planning a campaign and keep a balance between the two.

Complicated? No issues, we are here to help you. Just drop us a welcome mail and we’ll be happy to help you with your brand placement goal. Happy Branding!


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  1. Thanks for these content creation tips, now I really know where I was lacking. Will ammend changes in my strategy, you rock!

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