As technology advances, each day something new pops up which makes some part of our lifestyle easier. Similar to this, marketing is facing the verge of AI and thereby it’s becoming modern. While everything in marketing cannot be automated, there are few catches which have made marketers life easier. As you go along your daily list of tasks, there are a few content marketing automation hacks for business in 2019. Wondering which ones? Let’s uncover each one by one,

1. Proofreading: Grammarly

Cost: Free browser extension or paid premium version

It takes a lot for a person to put together a good piece of content. It consumes energy, dedication, time & imagination. Perhaps, no one would be able to read it if it includes a lot of grammar errors. Grammarly helps you to get rid of spelling and grammar errors.

The free version of Grammarly offers basic grammar and spelling corrections. It analyzes almost every place you write content on the web — emails, social media updates, Google Docs, etc. On the contrary, the paid version picks up more advanced language errors, suggests enhanced vocabulary and too, comes with a plagiarism checker.

apps to improve writing skills

2. Workflow Automation: IFTTT

Cost: Free for personal usage and offers business plans

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a go-to solution for content workflow automation which you may employ. It was launched back in 2010, and since then, it has brought automation to the next level for marketers.

In a nutshell, IFTTT lets you connect your online “services” (e.g., WordPress blog, social media accounts, Google Calendar, and even other external blog RSS feeds) and set up conditional statements (also called as applets) that trigger automation.

For eg, you can configure an applet to share your Instagram post instantaneously on Facebook feed as well.

3. Automated Emails: Mailchimp

Cost: Forever Free and paid versions available (starting at $10 per month)

MailChimp has been quite a popular tool for email marketing among marketers. The fundamentals include collecting emails from forms, running A/B tests, and designing mail campaigns that you can save and reuse later. Further, by using MailChimp you too get attractive analytics reports on what was your CTR, where did people interact with your content and a lot more.

Its automation feature lets you build up complex workflows based on triggers. So you can easily automate sending emails directly to your customers.

Content Marketing Automation Hacks for business

4. Monitoring & Analysis: Google Analytics

Cost: Forever Free

You probably have already heard of Google Analytics, but here’s a catch. Not everyone knows that it lets you set up custom reports which could automatically send updates on the data you want to focus on. Using this feature, you can identify what content is getting the most engagement. Further, pinpoint content areas that drive the most traffic and conversions and the ones which drive least.

5. List building: BuzzBuilder Pro

Cost: Starts from $250/month

You may be aware of the fact that it takes days, or even months to convert a cold lead into a hot one. Especially, when your only point of contact is email.

BuzzBuilder Pro helps you automate and speed up your list building process. With it, you could craft personalized cold emails and integrate your LinkedIn to send follow-up emails. Additionally, it includes a web form builder, social media marketing segment, and hot lead alert service.

6. Social Media Promotion: Zapier

Cost: Free to start with (offers trial); Paid pricing package starts from $20/month

Promoting your content via social media is another energy-consuming task for us as marketers. Especially if you are managing several platforms at a time (from pinning to Pinterest, to posting on Instagram, to tweeting via Twitter, to uploading to Facebook). Take note, this doesn’t include the time to “like” and share in order to bring in traffic.

Platforms like Buffer are a great help. You can bulk-uploading your content in advance and scheduling it to send out to your various social accounts, and all this, for free. Further, integrating it with Zapier could help out more as you could automate this process altogether as well.

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