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3 Content Marketing Tips for Creating Eyeball-Worthy Masterpiece


If you are a content creator, it’s your first duty to create content which delivers value to your audience. In the digital world, marketers often call it virtual cheers. A common encounter which marketers get is “Why some content attracts a crowd more, while other content is virtually ignored by the audience?” Well, the answer is complex. A casual answer to the question would be that content so produced is NOT consistent. If you plan for continued success with your marketing efforts, you must follow some standards to create a strong foundation for each piece you produce.

Consistent Success in Content Marketing requires a strong foundation for each produced piece.

Stuck? or unable to see where you should start the journey? No worries, here’s a list of 3 content marketing tips for 2019, towards creating an eyeball-worthy masterpiece you’ve always planned,

1. Deliver Something Valuable

Okay! Yes, I always say that “value is the key to success” and you might also have heard it on various content marketing tips 2019 list, but here, let me define it for you. Here’s how valuable content looks like,

It’s Deeper than just Words!

According to a study conducted by BuzzSumo, over 100 million articles found out that most average shares come from content between 3,000 words to 10,000 words. Simple to state, people love to share long-form content.

The internet is full of shallow blog post and memes, you need to stand out from these to showcase your worth to your audience. Simply, invest your time & effort in creating one brilliant article instead of five lightweight ones. If you try to deliver an in-depth knowledge on any topic, you could easily cross over 3,000 words. In this form, it’ll be more beneficial to you if you deliver digital assets like ebook or guides.

Should Resonate

Analyze your content market, see how your competitors are producing it and how your target audience is consuming it. A set of answers must include Where do they publish it? What formats do they use for publishing? What is the skeleton of their content?

Then, create fresh angles on related but unaddressed topics and publish in a familiar format or similar platform. This way, you’ll be getting an easy catch toward your content piece.

Content Marketing Tips 2019

Engagement is a Priority

Yes, it is. Engagement tells you how much urging your piece of content is, and further, too helps you reach out to a broader audience base. One hack here is to use more visual content.

It Adds Credibility

Backing up your content via data reports & relevant sources adds value to it. Also, it’s quite healthy for your SEO.

2. Reflect Your Readers

A good piece of content is the one which resonates the reader’s experience, knowledge, challenges, features … etc. Some effective ways to employ,

Be a Storyteller

This is one of the very overheard content marketing tips but is always a very useful one. Through storytelling, your brand can easily make their product/service ‘relate’ to real-life situations of the audience. This way it becomes easier to make them understand what product/service has to offer to them and how exactly it can make their lives better. Consider what your audience members are experiencing before taking any step further on this.

Content Marketing Tips 2019

Validate Opinions

A report by Edelman discovered that approximately 64% of users will choose, avoid, switch, or boycott a brand based on its stand on social issues.

So, it becomes crucially important to know what your audience value? What are they interested in? The more you know about what your target audience thinks, the easier it will be for you to create content that reflects your shared beliefs.

3. Make Readers Feel Connected

A major challenge faced by marketers is establishing a “connect” among the target audience and the brand. So, how to establish and leverage it to your benefit?

Tackle Controversial Topics

Controversies are an easy hit point to break the ice. They help in getting the thinking process get started. Give your viewpoint and urge your readers to respond directly, further, if executed well, they’ll forward the outreach by sharing it among their circle of influence by using “What do you think?” tagline.

Pose Questions

Ending your blog posts with questions can help in increasing engagements as readers can respond with comments and are more likely to share content on social media.

content marketing tips for 2019

The trend section covers what is already exciting people, the stuff which is over their mind right now, and probably the one they’ll consume without wasting a second thought. You should occasionally check what people are already are talking about by looking using Twitter’s trending section or the Google Trends tool. Further, find out which topics are relevant to both your brand and your audience? What is your audience already saying? and just join in the conversation.

Make Good Content

Good content is the key to success, focus on developing good content consistently. Try to infuse a mix of inspiration, entertainment & thoughtfulness to make it a perfect recipe. Display what you care about as a brand, this way you get to show people that you’re traveling alongside them in this 24×7 busy, confused world.

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