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Successful Content Marketing Means Forgetting Marketing


In the 21st century, almost everyone wants to rule the digital world and the main focus of making this a reality is a great marketing strategy but WHAT ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS? For decades, many businesses have been following marketing strategies which hinder customers interest. And this has created a false mindset. However, for your content marketing efforts to work, you may need to put up an aggressive marketing strategy on a burner, but, creating shareworthy content that people will engage on and talk about is equivalent to spending a bacon to capture some eyeballs.

One of the first thing that you have to do in order to bring success to your brand, is forgetting about marketing and focusing on content because your service/product is much less important than it’s ability to fulfill your customer requirements. No one cares on what’s the product name or about you. They only care about how your product can help them and make their lives better. Imagine if Google or Facebook had been more concern about their branding than how they actually serve to their users.

In other words, Create content that your audience desires and needs! Here are a few tips that will help you achieve success:

1. Focus on Value and Be Shareworthy

We always suggest going with 80-20 rule, according to which 80% of your content should not be self-promotional and 20% (or less) can be self-promotional. Hold On! Just because 80% of your content is not self-promotional doesn’t mean that it is not indirectly marketing your business. Indirect marketing will always play a crucial role in marketing any business and in fact, it is one tool which makes content marketing (and social media marketing) so powerful. By using the 80-20 rule, you can always build relationships with your target audience.

It is simple to create focus, you just need to conduct a good research on the type of information or message your target audience wants from a business like you and then, deliver that in a professional manner. You also need to make sure that your content is shareable among your audience. Content Marketing will help you achieve your goals and customer expectations but you must be willing to spend your time and money in publishing high-quality content.


2. Shift from Marketer to Publisher Mindset

By following the 80-20 rule, you can get your target audience to stick on the right message and too, build an emotional connection with your brand which is a great achievement to have!

It’s time for you to know that every piece of content you share or publish online can add value to the user experience and further you can focus on strengthening your relationship with some audience of brand advocates who can talk about your content and share it with their own audiences. Sounds like Power? It is called a word-of-mouth marketing.

One thing which you must not forget is that your content will not only directly promote your business but too, will help you to drive revenues. It might just happen indirectly and may not be apparent immediately.

3. Stick with 3 S’s of Customer Loyalty

By 3 S’s of customer loyalty we mean:

  • Stability: Customers will only go with a product or service if the following brand sends consistent updates they can trust and rely on.
  • Sustainability: Customers usually like only those brand or businesses whose product or service stick with them for a long time.
  • Security: Customers only become loyal to those products, brands, or businesses which gives them a feeling of comfort or peace of mind.

As you can clearly see, how everything forms a circle. Therefore, a well-executed marketing strategy requires quality content which is not built with a focus on only marketing and can offer the stability, sustainability, and security that a customer usually seeks. It can further help them develop an emotional connection and relationship with your brand or business.


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