how to increase email subscribers

7 Creative Ideas on How to Increase Email Subscribers


Email marketing has become one of the primary marketing techniques in the modern era. However, reaching out to potential customers is not that easy. Poor conversion rates will make your marketing campaign useless. You need to upgrade your content game in order to score better conversions. This will not only help you expand your audience reach but too, greatly affect your sales quota. So, here are the top content upgrade ideas on how to increase email subscribers on your website:

1. Audio Version of Blogs

Sometimes followers may not want to read an entire blog because of very little time they got in their hand. An audio version of your blog post can be an excellent way to spread the same message. You may avail your audience with the option to download the post and listen to it later. This will ensure increased brand loyalty and visibility towards your content.

2. Checklist Hacks

This is a very effective content upgrade technique where readers will have the option to follow some steps to implement an action quickly. It is like a guideline for all the important steps that the reader has to do while going through the post. Through this, a reader correlates the tailored form of a process

3. A Cheat Sheet

It is a comprehensive sheet that has all the notes in one place. If you are writing on a particular topic and it has various sub-topics, you can keep all these sub-topics in one place. Readers will find it easier to read as it makes the content simpler.

4. Additional Tools & Resources

If your content has lists of numerous tools and resources, it would be great to provide links to so that readers do not have to search for them individually. You can create a PDF of this list and make it available for download to the readers.

5. Template Giveaways

Probably one of the most successful techniques to get targeted email subscribers, the copy email formula has been an effective one for marketers. It is used to pitch influencing posts to potential customers. You can use the feature to convert it into a template that can be used frequently.

6. A Quick Start Guide

User manuals or quick start guide can be really helpful for readers. If the topic you are writing on is huge or is a complicated one, then readers will benefit from the guide. Few pictures or videos about the related topic will be more than enough to get the email id of the reader.

7. PDF Edition

Many readers prefer to read posts offline. If you can create a PDF of your post and allow readers to download it, you can rest assured that you will get a huge number of responses as email addresses.

It is not difficult to upgrade your content and get targeted email subscribers. All you have to do is be smart with each step and these will help you grab a good ROI on your hard work.


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