Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


These terms are not exactly something very similar, yet the judgment that they are inter-related may lead to some confusion. So, I believe there is a need to differentiate specifically to clarify this hot topic and that is what this article is all about. So, let’s get started discussing the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You can consider machine learning and AI as a small cardboard box inside a bigger cardboard box. Starting with the smallest as machine learning and working out towards AI. ML is a subset of AI. At the end of the day, all machine learning is AI, however not all AI is machine learning.

Machine learning may have tremendous accomplishments in recent times. Yet, it is only one strategy for accomplishing an “artificial intelligence”. AI is developing with time. We are now aware that most things called AI which were used in the past few years are nothing more than efficient programming tricks. For whatever length of time that the developer is the one providing all the knowledge to the framework by programming it in as a model, the framework isn’t an Artificial Intelligence. It’s only a set of codes.

We will first try to explain the real meaning of ML and AI.

What is ML (Machine Learning)?

In a nutshell, It is a type of computer learning method where a machine can learn on its own without being frequently customized. It is a framework that can naturally take in data and improve. Here we can produce a program by introducing input data and yield a favorable output.

This learning algorithm acquires information through the human programmer. Machine learning depends on the huge informational data source to refill information for recognizing basic patterns.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial signifies something which is human-made or non-common or non-natural. Intelligence implies the capacity to comprehend or think to do a specific task. There is a misguided judgment that Artificial Intelligence is a computer (in collective hardware sense), yet it’s anything but that. AI is itself implemented in a computer system.

Computerized reasoning is the more extensive idea of machines having the option to complete its task in such a way that we would consider its entire operation smart.

Artificial Intelligence learns by feeding information and learning how to apply it. The point of artificial intelligence is to expand the odds of achievement and to obtain the ideal solution faster. AI is the process to prepare the computer systems to attempt to do things which at present humans can improve or can’t do at all (in a needed time frame). AI will be utilized in circumstances where adjusting to new situations “fast” is important.

Major Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning
The point is to build a greater possibility of success and not accuracy.The point is to expand accuracy.
The objective is to generate intelligence to tackle complex patterns or problems.The objective is to gain from information to boost the performance of the machine on a particular assignment.
AI leads to man-made intelligence.ML leads to information
AI intelligence will go for finding the ideal solution.ML will go for an answer to the solution whether it is ideal or not.
AI intelligence represents Artificial intelligence, where intelligence is characterized securing information intelligence is characterized as a capacity to obtain and apply information.ML represents Machine Learning which is characterized as the procurement of information or aptitude.
The objective is to produce artificial intelligence to take care of complex problemsThe objective is to gain from information provided through the programmer to boost the performance of machine on the task
Building a framework to mimic human actions in a more efficient manner and behave faster in similar conditionsIt involves creating self-learning algorithms

You might have noticed from this differentiation that AI is much more complex than Machine Learning. The simplest example will be the muscular movement of the arm doing a complex task. We can infer,

  • Here, the Arm is denoted as AI. The muscles and tissues can be denoted as ML.
  • Now arm does a complex task of lifting and moving an object from a conveyor belt.
  • Eyes will serve as the data acquiring sensors.
  • Taking data from the eyes, what speed the object is approaching, and based on previous knowledge what will be the weight of the object, muscles (ML) will contract and relax with the required intensity.
  • Muscles contract and relax which gives torque and resistance to arm (AL) for lifting the approaching object.
  • The worker may make a mistake in first, second…..10th attempt but he/she will gradually generate intelligence to do the task with required constant accuracy.
  • Now that the intelligence is acquired it will try to find better ways to do the same task. Not to improve accuracy but to find better faster solutions.
  • The muscles and tissues will keep working to find the most accurate method to contract-relax and provide signals to muscles from the eyes.

difference between ai and ml

From this article, we may understand that AI is a part of machine learning but it is a lot more complex than “a square being a rectangle but a rectangle not being a square.” I hope now you’re clear with difference between AI and ML.

AI is one the most important thing for the modern and hyper-advanced world and no other reality exists which may say it’s not. Additionally, machine learning is the core piece of artificial intelligence. Without the contraction of muscles, no force can be produced except the force of gravity which makes the human fall down to the ground.

With that, I hope this article helped you understand the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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