Email Marketing vs Social Media Content

Email Marketing vs Social Media Content: Which One’s Better for Business?


You need to know the difference between Email Content and Social Media Content in the age of modern digital marketing. Creating good content for online marketing requires a great amount of planning. It is stressful but it can be avoided by working out the best techniques and by making the creating process much easier. It cannot be denied that a solid content is the backbone of all the marketing efforts. When the matter involves using the multiple channels, the two most important channels used for marketing are social media marketing and email marketing. It is difficult to compare them and understand the one that performs better. To grow the business effectively, you must identify the channel that performs better in the prospect terms. So, here’s a list you should consider next time you have email marketing vs social media content debate:

1. Overall Performance

According to a survey, it has been found that 60 percent of the internet marketers believe that email marketing performs better than social media. Remaining 40% of people said that both the forms of marketing are different and both of them have individual strengths and weaknesses. Email is better in attracting traffic and for conversing directly with the social media and engaging the audiences. In the email marketing, the target audience gets undivided and full attention. In the social media, the users have access to their feeds and the messages are directly sent to the email inboxes of the subscribers.

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2. Higher Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of email marketing is much higher than the other marketing channels including the social media. The internet marketers think that the reason for a greater conversion of email marketing is due to the ability to personalize the message. You can deliver the targeted messages depending on the subscriber’s behavior.

3. Social Media is Fun and Flexible But Not Email

Social media is a thriving community and it encourages excitement and fun to make the things going. Social media is more like a hangout than a marketplace. It looks similar to a digital shop, wherein people hang out with their friends for entertainment. Email is more of a serious marketing venue and here the messages are crafted in a more direct manner. This is the reason why email is a channel still used by people. They check out the emails as the days start and also before the day ends. Emails are not used for hanging out, it is used as a necessity.

4. Better ROI

Everything in business zeros down to the cost of opportunity and ROI. In a study, it was found that email marketing gathered much more customers than Twitter and Facebook combined. Email can result in more direct conversions. Emails shall have a better ROI and it is also less expensive.

5. Greater Reach

Email reaches out to 79% of the people send to but the reach of Facebook has declined to almost 1-6%. It means that the Facebook fans who shall see the posts are 1-6%. For increasing the search on the Facebook, people need to get engaged with the posts and this may be difficult to achieve. With email, the inbox placement rate can be increased by ensuring that they do not go to the spam box. The reach of Twitter is 30% much better than Facebook but still poor compared to email.

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6. Longer & Meaningful Content

In a social media, the content has to be sharp, quick, and direct. Basically, there should be posts that can catch the attention of the followers within a second. The content of the social media on the feed is of short duration such as the 2-minute memes, instructional videos, or the links to the articles published outside the social network. However, with the email, you can write more engaging and longer copy as the target audience have spare time to read. When you feel to send a complete length newsletter the recipients will read and understand what you intend to say.

7. Email Keeps You More Engaged

With emails, you can keep your customers more engaged. Social media is dynamic and the customers should be given only the easily absorbed content that can meet their needs properly.


Who won the email marketing vs social media fight? Email is still considered the better channel used by the consumers to communicate with brands (which makes it a clear winner). Email marketing and social media marketing are not mutually exclusive but they are used together. While Email marketing can be used for driving sales, generating leads, and enhancing customer retention whereas, Social media can be used for driving the traffic towards the website/product which easily results in better branding activities.


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