How to Fix Common SEO mistakes with Site Audit Tool


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most vital aspect of digital marketing that works to make your website content visible on the internet platform. However, this process might face errors or mistakes which can hinder your path to success. Hence, fixing common SEO mistakes can be managed with an efficient tool called Site Audit. One such tool is Analyst, which is developed by us to help business owners, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs with their digital needs.

Analyst works to crawl any website for finding out technical SEO issues. Interestingly, it also provides data for correction, making it a useful tool. Let us check out some frequent SEO mistakes that can be fixed using it:

1. Image Optimization Problem

A good focus needs to be given to broken and missing images, which are growing in number. The alt attribute assists search engines to decode the subject of an image and hence when to add those images to search results.

Every day, Google image search works to acquire almost 1 billion page views. Therefore, with the power of image optimization, the user is likely to receive regular traffic via Google image search as well as from other image-based social platforms. Also, do check How to Optimize images for Google Image Search to increase your image presence.

Fixing Method:
  • Start an SEO audit for checking which image issues are hampering your website.
  • Once you have analyzed your website using SEO Audit tool, under the SEO tab click on Site Auditor. Now, access Images under which click on ‘view all image errors’.
  • Here you can replace all broken images by substituting with the new ones, or can simply delete them.

2. Duplicate Content Problem

If the content present on your website is very similar or exactly the same as another website or multiple websites, then it is termed as a duplicate content. It is important to note that, under SEO content acts as the soul of the whole process that is aimed at pulling in traffic. If your content is not unique, it is directly going to hamper the internet crowd visiting your page.

In case your duplicate content doesn’t fall into the malicious category, Google usually performs a good deed of ranking the most trustworthy version of a page. But overall, duplicate content should be spotted and correct immediately for good search engine rankings.

Fixing Method:
  • Start an SEO audit to check how much duplicate content has been loaded on your website. It would help you plan and evaluate the situation better.
  • Try to ensure that any duplicate content under your control is redirected to the most trustworthy page.

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3. Meta Description Problem

As per a study, almost a third of all active pages taken under the assessment didn’t have a Meta description. To be precise, Meta descriptions are basically short descriptions given a brief about your page’s content. These snippets are available in search results falling under each page title.

It is important to have an attractive Meta description to entice the crowd to visit a page. Therefore, any error with this can surely affect your page viewership.

Fixing Method:
  • You need to start an SEO audit and crawl your website in search for issues.
  • After the website is crawled, under the Site Auditor tab access ‘Meta’ for viewing all types of Meta description errors.
  • Under WordPress, you can add Meta description for each of your pages which lack this content.

If high-quality pages or websites are associated to your portal, it gives an indication to Google regarding your website’s supreme quality. Links from either one of your pages to a different one can function in the same way. It has been observed that broken links lead to a bad user experience and can be a signal of ‘low quality’ appearance to search engines.

Fixing Method:
  • Take help of an SEO audit software to crawl the website for spotting link issues.
  • Visit the SEO tab and press for the Site Auditor option. From here you can access the option to view all link errors.
  • Initiate by fixing all broken links. You can either remove or update them with the help of updated resources.

Like how you can improve on your website rankings with just one tool! C’mon, go ahead and give Analyst a try and get your free SEO report today.

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