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12 Websites to Get Free Marketing for Startups


It can be quite hard for a startup to take charge of public affairs. As many entrepreneurs & startup founders don’t possess a budget to get their word out. A study also proves that almost 64% of the startups fail due to a lack of enough marketing. To help you get your word out and thrive as a startup, I present a few websites where you can get free publicity for startups.

But before we start the list, ask yourself: Is your product ready? Because if it isn’t, you’ll just be getting a bad image in front of your target customers. And that’s not what you want, right? Make sure that these sites can get you free marketing for startups, irrespective of their niche. So, double-check your infrastructure.

By simply submitting your startup to free value directories, you get some eyeballs. I know, it might not be as effective as running your Facebook campaign. But still, you’ll be able to grab that small chance of getting viral for free.

Here’s the list of websites to get free online publicity for your business,

1. StartupWizz

It’s the oldest directory one you may avail of on this list. The site was started in 2009 and serves the goal of listing down startups on their niche & interest basis. All you need to do is submit your details on their “Submit a startup” page and you’re good to go.

The team will review your listing and notify you of inclusion.

2. The Startup Pitch

A good resource to get your ‘pitch’ seen by all. On this site, you can get yourself live in less than 24 hours after submission. You’ll get a more high-quality traffic as pitches are published only after a hard eye review.

Tip: Design your pitch well, if you’re not a designer at heart, hire someone on to get it done.

3. Betalist

Betalist is a lot more than just a directory. I was able to get almost 250 signups to my mailing list once my submission was published. Apart from submission, I would recommend trying their advertising as its quite cheap as compared to running any social campaign.

4. Product Hunt

If you’re a product-based startup, be sure to get yourself listed on Product Hunt. As you’ll not just gain some free startup publicity, but also, would get some constructive feedback from entrepreneurs across the globe. Submitting a startup is easy, all you need to do is to create a free account & submit your details.


This is a user-driven community. They claim to have more than 125,000 monthly unique visitors on their site so you can expect some onto your startup’s landing page as well. This blog platform is majorly focused on internet entrepreneurs and gives you a free story submission.

6. StackShare

They primarily cover cloud-based startups, so if you fit this niche, be sure to make a submission here. They also have a good userbase of email subscribers and because of that, it’s easy to get a sudden surge of traffic for your startup.


Another blog-based platform focused on helping startups develop their market online. It’s easy to get yourself seen here, simply sign up & submit your startup.


An online startup directory that navigates through emerging marketing and technological opportunities. It also provides a free guest post coverage and you can find the details for the same on their site. I’d recommend you to post a request for each as it maximizes your chances of getting new visitors.

9. Launching Next

This one’s fairly new on the list but has quickly caught up with the market. Their quick submission & approval process makes them one of the easiest to get yourself seen on.

10. HubPages

Well, you must have heard of this one. Well, you can simply create an account and submit your startup details. You must note that editors would review what you submit and you must add non-plagiarized, quality content to get approved.

11. The Startup Project

You can also gain coverage by getting yourself interviewed on this website. Apart from that, submitting & getting approved is fast & easy.

12. AppVita

AppVita is primarily a blog that covers startup stories for entrepreneurs across the globe. It’s definitely not a great one, but you can still get a decent ROI over your submission.


Lastly, I’d like to say that entrepreneurs do need free startup publicity to get the word out. So, be sure to make the most of this listed resource by creating a buzz and claim free marketing for startups you’ve been thinking about.

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