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Social Media Marketing is the process of attaining publicity through social media platforms. Being a social media marketer, you should always go for the best tools as they’ll be the one which will help you gain the better ROI. While there are many paid tools available which could get way expensive on you as a start-up, there are a few free SEO tools for social media marketers which not just helps make the process easy, but too, efficient.

Many new marketers and agencies always face the dilemma of whether the XYZ tool performs up to their expectations or not. You don’t have to spend hefty amounts for something which you are not sure enough. Here’s the list of few best free SEO tools for social media marketers.

Google Trends functions in a highly relativistic manner. If you want to top the list with your competitors, Google Trends is always there to think ahead of time and forecast your future. As the name says, this tool helps you to upgrade and update about the latest forthcoming trends in your industry. This helps you to get an idea regarding the public opinion and their interest in the associated context and the simultaneous changes taking place over time.


Google Trends keep you updated about any changes in the search volume for the various numbers of search terms and topics. You can even gather the data about the comparison of the alterations in interest for the multiple search topics and terms. Along with this, you can also have the information about the sub-regions who show the maximum amount of interest on the topic. All these features make Google trends one of the must-have free SEO tools.

best free seo tools 2018

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb helps you to find your competitors and analyze your performance in comparison to theirs. SimilarWeb also offers a premium option to provide better features and comprehensive metrics.


This tool helps you to have a comparative analysis of competitor sites on metrics like engagement and traffic. You can have a look at the number of overall visits, page views per visit, time on site, and bounce rate. This can help you establish your strategy and improve your traffic channels.

seo tools for social media marketers

3. Google Keyword Planner

It’s world of search engines, but how to grab an insight on where the world is searching. Google Keyword Planner helps you to get an insight about the top keywords being searched on the web.


Google Keyword planner helps you to discover the most used search terms. Using this, you can also improve your website and social media content as you’ll be knowing exactly what people are searching for. It also gives you an overall knowledge of the number of searches that are conducted each month on an interest-based keyword.

keyword planner

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you to get data regarding the most shared content on any specific topics, as well as helps you grab insights on updated & top trending stories.


BuzzSumo helps you to run a search based on the context and content of your domain. Also, it aids you with valuable data on the most popular topic that you have already produced. You can modify your old-yet high trending content with new ideas and a different format.

5. SeoPressor Connect SEO Plugin

SeoPressor Connect Plugin optimizes WordPress sites for search engines. It allows you to introduce descriptions, indexes, Meta titles to the pages.


SeoPressor has a number of features that make it lucid to share posts and pages on social media. It allows you to enable important contents like Twitter Cards, Pinterest Open Graph or Facebook. You can also set metadata to enhance the content that you share on every platform, including the type of content, image, canonical page URL, and more.

6. SERP Rank Checker

SERP Rank Checker helps you to look for your keyword rankings. In the case of multiple searches, you can export all of them into a CSV to maintain your records.


You can initiate by running a search on SERP Rank Checker for a keyword that one of your articles aims. If your keyword is not ranking within the top five spots, then it is regarded as a good choice for promotion. You can choose to promote pages around that keyword with an organic strategy.

It can also be used for even paid channels like Facebook Ads or Promoted Tweets. On both the way, you’ll be elaborating the reach of your page or article so that more people can see it and share it, ultimately resulting in better links and more ranking.

7. FAQ Fox

FAQ Fox is a free SEO tool that searches for websites for queries based on your keywords.


Social Media Marketers use FAQ Fox to crop us with fresh ideas regarding the content. You can start by entering a keyword followed by adding the site that you want the tool to scrape. In this way, you can have a considerable list of queries that you can create for social media content.


The above list of free SEO tools would not only help you increase your channel traffic, but also keep you updated with every new trend breezing over the web. Judicious use of the above tools can help you make your business rank among the top five trends.

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