How to Add Chat Bot On Squarespace

How to Get FREE Chatbot for Squarespace Website in 2020


Chatbots! Chatbots! Chatbots! They’re everywhere, almost every industry is adapting to the use of chatbots. While there are many options available, I would recommend you using, as its way amazing to use and serves the fundamental purpose of generating leads through website visitors seamlessly.

For those who don’t know about Collect Chat, It’s a chatbot which helps you to collect data from your website visitor by asking a defined set of questionnaire. You can easily create your account using the below link.

Sign Up for Collect.Chat >

Further, let’s learn how to install the free Squarespace chatbot plugin that you made using Collect Chat,

1. Copy the Code from Your Dashboard

When you are done building your template, Go to Creator. Click on the Add to website option, then copy the code as shown in the picture.

free Squarespace chatbot plugin

2. Login to Your Squarespace Account

Head to and log in to your account.

squarespace chatbot 2019

3. Select Your Website

On the panel, choose the site in which you want to add your Squarespace chat plugin.

4. Head to Your Settings Tab

5. Select Advanced Option

Inside the Settings tab, you’ll find the Advanced option.

6. Head to the Code Injection Option

When you reach the code injection window, you’ll see a container for the header. All you need to do is paste the snippet code there and hit Save.

How to Add Collect Chat Bot On Squarespace in a Minute

7. And that’s a Homerun!

Congratulations! You have integrated Collect Chatbot widget to your Squarespace website.

free chatbot for squarespace website

Hope this tutorial of getting free Squarespace chatbot for your website was helpful.


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