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Why You Should Go for the JetPack Plugin Paid Plan


Plugins are a very integral part of the WordPress ecosystem. By installing WordPress plugins, you can not only enhance the functionality and user experience of your WP website but also, help accomplish a lot of backend and maintenance tasks. One such plugin is the JetPack Plugin. The tagline of the JetPack plugin is Hassle-free design, marketing, and security — all in one place. That being said, the JetPack plugin provides a barrage of features for designing, marketing and security of your WordPress website.

The core features of the Jetpack plugin include:

  • Site Statistics
  • High-Speed CDN for images
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Brute Force attack protection
  • Automatic Social Sharing

However, in this post, we will take a look at some of their paid services and how they can make a difference for your WordPress website.

1. Daily Automated Backups

Everyone who is serious about their website understands the value of backups. Disasters can occur anytime and if for some reason you lose your website data, the first thing you will look for is a stable restore point. What if your last backup was a month ago? This would mean that you will need to put in extra effort to catch up and come to a point where you were before the occurrence of the data disaster. Which is why having frequent backups is really important. Although you can do this on your own without the plugin, it will take a lot of time and resources. Having daily automatic backups is right up the alley to solve this problem.

2. Unlimited Video CDN

Video is considered to be innately more interactive than text. Vlogging is on a rise and there is definitely a demand for it. Online video consumption in India has grown by almost five times in just the past year. If you as a blogger are moving in this direction or if your website hosts a lot of video content, then this feature is definitely going to make your life easier. This feature of the JetPack plugin will give you the high-speed content delivery that you need and it integrates with your post editor and library and offers statistics on video plays, as well.

3. Automated Malware Scanning & Security Fixes

The JetPack plugin comes with a Scanner that automatically scans your website on a regular basis and reports code level changes. Alternatively, you can also perform an on-demand scan at any point of time. You will be notified of threats and are provided detailed information on those along with affected files. They also offer an automated resolution for a large percent of known threats and if needed, their team will help you to fix any problems you may have outside of that scope.

4. Ability to Accept PayPal Payments

This feature is great for sites that just have a few products to sell online. But if you have a larger selection, then a more comprehensive eCommerce plugin is definitely recommended. Nevertheless, if you want to add a few products to certain relevant posts or are selling a few products on your site, the PayPal integration by JetPack is perfect. It’s quick to setup and really easy to use.


There you have it! Hope this post gives you an idea of what to expect with the paid subscription of the JetPack plugin. Many WP Hosting providers also make it their preferred choice to integrate the JetPack plugin within their WP hosting plans. If you have any other features about JetPack that should be shed some light on, please feel free to mention them in the comments section below!


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