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Sometimes people are good but not good enough for becoming a boss! And at times, decision making becomes so difficult that they end up being a pathetic leader. So overcoming that good boss bad boss discussion, I’ll discuss today why people who are good generally end up being bad bosses.

Everyone is not born a leader, you don’t always have traits to take that hard bullet right onto your chest. “Being a nice person will never help you to become an amazing boss, this is because sometimes you have to face situations that can be hard on the employees. Working and being dedicated are not the only traits to be a good boss, you have to be a hardcore badass at times to bring out the best results.

1. Doing the Hard Thing, Taking Responsibility

This is something not every boss is capable of doing, they sometimes perform best as a mentor but fails when it comes to taking responsibility and showing that they can actually take out the big guns as and when required!

Sometimes you have to take decisions which will hurt other people emotions but if that’s what good for the company’s welfare. DO IT! Never hesitate.

2. Having too Much Empathy for the Employee

When the boss is too soft on their employees, they tend to lose the hold on them. Being too lenient will also leave a negative impact on the working of the company. Giving them deadlines, asking for work, or overtime, are some ways which you may use to take control of the tasks assigned to your employees sometimes.

Empathising the employees is not a wrong deed to do, but sometimes when it’s done beyond a defined limit, it will affect the working and make employees lazy.

3. Understanding the Psychology of Employees

With all the experience you have, a boss must be smart enough to understand what an employee is thinking every time he is talking to them, he must know ways to make the employee work and understands their psychology, by knowing what they want and what they can think of.

4. Unable to Relate with Employees

It might be due to the age gap, or lack of understanding that sometimes the employees couldn’t relate with the boss, which end up to be a very closed and formal conversation, which leads to lack of bond between the boss and the employee. It is very difficult to work with someone when you are unable to relate to them, which leads to disinterest in the workspace.

5. Lack of Confidence

Sometimes the bosses are of such close nature that they always fail to express their thoughts and comes out weak in front of their employees. This leads to being lack of expressing of words and thoughts, which can further lead to miscommunication in work.

6. Losing the Integrity

When you are in a very strong position in an organization, you tend to think that you own the world. Every employee does mistakes but forgetting and teaching them how to do it right is the best way to maintain integrity, showing anger and negative attitude will only end up being an evil boss!

You should always show your employees the meaning of grace and positivity through your actions. You might face that good boss bad boss dilemma, you cannot solve this mystery in just a single day, as we all know that the road to success is always under construction, so always keep improvising!


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