Google Adsense Revenue Calculator

Calculate now how many visitors do we need to make money on Google Adsense

Well, the Google Adsense Revenue Calculator works on simple notion: The inputs effect the outputs. The numbers or metrics that you’ll provide as an input, your result would be based out on that. The tool offers a simple UI (user interface) and is quite easy to use as well.

Well, we all need target, without one, we all would just be wondering around. This tool does the same for you and helps you gain a clear vision on what you should aim at. For eg, if you want to earn $20 as a revenue (per day) on Adsense, it’ll provide you with specific metrics to aim for.

Further, by using this AdSense revenue calculator, you’ll arrive at a ballpark estimate if you know your traffic numbers, average clickthrough rates (CTRs), and your average cost per click (CPC). In the next tabs, we have also provided details of what these metrics mean along with country- and industry- wise averages, in case you don’t have the your numbers handy.

Thinking how knowing your AdSense revenue can help succeed? Here’s the answer:

  • You’ll get clarity over total revenue you want to earn on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.
  • Discover how many pages a visitor are needed to see your site.
  • Understanding the pay structure from advertisers on a per click basis.
  • Discover your niche average payout for a click.
  • Discover how many number of visitors with ad blocking software are using your website.
  • You will be easily able to estimate visitors who are likely to click on ads.
  • Calculate your page views and visitors needed to make money on Google AdSense.

Average Cost Per Click (CPC): In a nutshell, its the average revenue your single click generates. Don’t know how to calculate CPC? Simply, divide your total revenue generated in a given period of time by the total number of clicks received in that time period. Though CPC depends on number of other factors as well, I’ll recommend you to take your industry average.

Average Pages per Session: This is a metric used by Google to measure engagement of users on your website. In Google Adsense Revenue calculator, we account it as users who consume more content are more likely to see more ads. And Hence, help generate more revenue.

Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR): It is defined as the number of times your ads are clicked per 100 served impressions to the visitor. To state it in somple words, its one of the most easy ways to grow ad revenue. On an average, CTRs lie between the range of 0.86% to 2.24%.

Percent of Visitors without Ad blocking Software: Well, let’s be honest. Visitors do use ad-block while browsing the internet and depending on what niche you’re it, the percent differs. I usually recommend an average of 65 to 75%

adsense revenue calculator

CountryAvg. CTR (%)Avg. CPC
United Kingdom1.06%$0.48
United States0.75%$0.61
New Zealand1.21%$0.33
South Africa1.13%$0.26
United Arab Emirates1.37%$0.15