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How AR in Marketing is a Game Changer for Brands


Technology has brought us all to a stage that the things we could only have imagined in our weirdest dreams are coming true, who would have thought that we can wear a headset and it can take us to a different world, it is going to make us feel that we are not at the same place where we were, yes, I am talking about virtual reality gadgets, and how we can enjoy the tour of Paris from our bedroom in India and can see Dinosaur in the year 2018! That’s the power of technology, we were not overawing to the great invention and here comes augmented reality, everything will remain same until you wear some glasses and they will bring alive and moving figure of anything programmed inside that!

Pokémon Go game which got famous in 2016, was the biggest example of augmented reality. Users of every age were enjoying that game of finding Pokémon virtually. In augmented reality, the object appears seems like real, it doesn’t look like a pasted picture, it is a moving object altogether.

how to use augmented reality in marketing

Augmented Reality In Marketing

Lets take a quick example of AKEA furniture company who used this augmented reality, to kick start there business, and market there product to the best, they have used the unique idea by displaying their furniture by just holding a tab, use that tab/mobile and put that to an empty space and that app will display the furniture that you have already selected in your cart and will show you a live demo of that particular piece of furniture, hence the decision making will be much easy that to buy or not to buy that particular furniture, will it suit the place or not!

AKEA catalog is just a small example, there are over 500 applications that are made for Android and iOS phones which are now using augmented reality for selling their product, games, e-books, kids apps, etc. everything is made after proper analysis of market and people needs and interest from the new technology!
Some examples other than AKEA and POKEMON are; wikitude, layer, ABC augmented reality, Leo AR, roar AR, Lara, and hundreds of apps are available in the market.

Augmented Reality in marketing is truly a gamechanger as it is blowing the mind of people and bringing new promotional techniques and bringing new perspective to the people method of buying things online, because we are now virtually trying that before investing our money, to be true it is much more fun and less of work, we don’t have to do any kind of efforts in this complete procedure.

All we need is an AR device and internet connection and we are good to hit the supermarket at home.
This is definitely the future as an addition many AR theme parks are also in progress and soon will be with us in different countries of the world. many plans are made regarding this project and the work is taking place gradually, in Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, UK, US, Germany, Italy and many more.

One can for sure say that AR in marketing is the future of online marketing because of its range of showing things beforehand which will eventually make things much easier and convenient for the end customer.


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