How Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate

How Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate


The future is video. Period. We all have been predicting it since the hype of 2015, and it continues to become a true vision. While many people invest their time and energy on creating a YouTube channel and end up achieving great things for themselves. Companies struggle on their counterparts, as at times, their video investment doesn’t turn out much good. The primary reason between an individual achieving results and companies don’t is the fact that individual can ‘personalize’ their content, but brands have to serve to a much broader audience. Here’s a take, companies should invest more in explainer videos to increase conversion rate,

The Power of Video Marketing

Well, it’s a very common fact that people vastly prefer watching over reading nowadays. It’s time for you to realize the following stats about video marketing.

Further, if your business is already investing in video, that’s great! But you also need to invest in marketing your core forte, your skill as a business. And this could only be achieved by explainer videos. Always remember,

Videos are no more than just flat, lifeless images.

Videos do come with great music, graphics, and moving images which is a perfect mix to grab the attention of your target audience.

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Using Explainer Videos: Characteristic & Why Use Them?

There are various types of explainer videos you may employ. Using the correct form of it could help you print off your next goldmine. Broadly, brands use either animated explainer videos or white explainer videos. I’d recommend employing whiteboard explainer videos over animated explainer videos as they tend to be more interactive and deliver more ‘step-by-step’ walkthrough towards your business. Plus, they’re cheaper to produce. For your reference, here’s an example of each.

Characteristics of Explainer Videos

An average video could be differentiated from an explainer one based on the following characteristics,

  1. Short: Explainer videos are pretty straightforward and to-the-point. This means your audience could understand your company and the work it does in less than a minute.
  2. Simple: The “what”, “how” and “why” structure of an explainer video makes your target audience get a clear message on what your business is up to.
  3. Animated Characters: Most explainer videos employ the use of fun characters which helps your audience to relate with the problem statement. Hence, the selling point becomes easier.
  4. Be Specific: You could even bring down your explainer video to less than 30 seconds and be as specific as you desire yourself to be. That’s the magic they offer!
  5. Voiceover: A guide walkthrough voice helps make things work like charm. Using professional voiceover in videos results in a clearer message that is being delivered to the end viewers.

How Explainer Videos Increase Conversion Rate for Business?

Here’s a list of 5 great benefits of using explainer videos for business,

1. Boost Brand Awareness

One of the primary benefits of using explainer videos for business is the fact that they boost your brand awareness way faster than any other marketing tool or campaign. This is due to the reason that videos are more than just static images and tickle around the entertainment factor of viewers.

Videos grab more attention. The mix of information and animation helps in clear delivery of the message. Further, if the video sounds entertaining, people eagerly share it as well. And if we do the maths, more shares you get, more number of people find your business!

Pro Tip: You could even simply boost your video for viewership on various social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Deliver ‘Clearer’ Brand Identity

One of the most common problems faced by many consumers is that while making a purchase, they don’t understand what a product or service is all about. They’re confused with how the product/service could be of any help and sometimes, they doubt.

An explainer video is what could help solve this problem by helping customers finalize their purchase decision. According to research, 96% of consumers found explainer videos helpful for making their final purchase decisions.

3. Generate More Leads

Higher the number of shares more is the number of leads which you get. When a lot of people find your video, you are directly reaching out to your target audience. Your video must be designed to create a compelling call-to-action for your target audience, failing to do so, would eventually result in lesser or no sales.

So, you don’t need to travel, meet, persuade and do all the respective tasks. Your explainer will do the job.

how to Increase Conversion Rate with explainer videos

4. Helps For Easy Recall

By employing explainer video for business, you are making a wise decision. Videos, unlike any other marketing material, are easier to recall. In business, it is crucial that your customers remember you, that’s the easiest way to gain loyalty. This loyalty could be encashed anytime business has something to offer.

All you need to do is have a video which conveys a focused message to your target audience.

5. Motivate Prospects

Another best thing about using explainer videos is that they can effectively motivate a client to make his/her final buying decision. It’s the end result that any marketer wishes to obtain from their audience. This cycle eases up as the customer thinks he/she understand the company well and can trust its offerings.

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In all, Explainer videos are fantastic closing sales asset. You could try Doodly for making easy whiteboard animation videos.

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