how much to pay for photos

How much to Pay for Photos as a Business


Can we judge the value of photos/artworks which are intended to be used by our business entity? Some are for the product images we add to the website, some are Stock photos for blogs and social media, while some can be for lifestyle showcase of our Business, everything comes for a price and we as business owners must know the wise one. All of these images come at a cost, but just how much to pay for photos as a business?

The answer to this can be complex depending on the amount of its use, model cost, the uniqueness of it and sometimes efforts made to grab that vision into a perfect click. At last, a photo is worth what our business can be willing to pay for it.

For someone who sells their products online, photos are everything as it helps you to sell, without it, a buyer will not like it and might lose interest in your listing. E-commerce spends almost all the resources on photos, let us see from where you can get a quality content:

  • Get Photos from a Distributor/vendor (Free and easiest to get)
  • Take Photos in your setup (Less than $400 but consumes time and effort to get)
  • Hire a Professional for the job ($5-$10 per product image)
  • Hire a Company to do the job for you ($25-$40 per product image for the whole website)

Get Images from a Distributor/Vendor

If you are selling the product by taking franchise or making a platform for the product to sell, distributor itself will provide you high-quality photos but these photos won’t be unique or targeted to your liking always.

Take Photos in Your Setup

If your distributor cannot provide you a good image set according to your desired perspective of the product,  you can always build your own setup and do the job by yourself. You may need to buy a tripod, a DSLR camera, lenses, and backdrops etc in order to get the perfect set of images. It can be tricky as well as time-consuming for your business, but you need to manage that for your business as your complete sales are dependent on it.

You can read our previous post for better content creation tips and elevate your game of customer acquisition. You need to remember one thing, a brand in the 21st century is not tell-tell, it’s all a show-show one. So, when it comes to your brand, Show, Don’t tell.

Hire a Professional for the Job

You can hire a professional if you don’t have enough time, freelancers can help you depending on your office location, the photographer’s  style & experience, and whether or not you provide the space and lighting for them; a  professional could cost as little as $50 per hour and as much as $150 per hour.

This will not only lend you extra time but also will help you focus on your business, while professional handle the headache at an affordable price. Well, the best part is that you can guide him/her according to your liking or perspective of the product.

pay for photos as a business

Hire a Company to do the Job for You

A professional looking product image is worth every spent penny. There are quite many companies for branding which can help you with your requirement, you just need to Google them up or you can reach out to us and we can help you with your ideal requirement. Why go with a company instead of a freelancer? Companies on account produce high-quality photos and are well versed in different niches, on the contrary, freelancers might not be. Also, while hiring a company, you are assured that you’ll be served with the latest in-trend gadgets and equipment which is hard to find with an ideal freelancer.

While approaching them try to have big pockets, while the quality will be best and you will be proud of your money spent well, it is all worth it. You might be needed to take the products once to their studio, but sometimes they also do a casual pickup from your home.

Lifestyle Photos

Lifestyle photos showcase the real-life use of a product or something attractive for the product line which might target the user to generate an interest in the product. These images can be used for page headers, an advertisement, for social media etc.

The price and source of these can be classified same as above.

  • Many supplier and vendors have lifestyle images for business expansion to use at no cost.  If you like, you can take photographs by yourself as well. Lifestyle pictures are in comparison more time consuming to capture than isolated product pictures.
  • Taking difficulty into consideration, consulting Professional photographers will produce much better outcomes, but your cost will include photographers fee + crew member + location’s rent.
  • If you hire a company, it will add creative director to help you get great results.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are for ads, blog post, and articles. When dealing with E-commerce, you can get free of cost certified stock photos on the internet, you just need to look out at the right place. Stock photos are mainly required more frequently, you may look up for the free ones on, Pexels etc and if you want to buy some premium quality images, you can head on to sites like Shutterstock.

In all, having an amazing photo which delivers your message to the target audience is worth all your effort. If you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd, head on to our contact us page and let us know what your requirements are. We’ll be happy to help you!


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