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How To Create a Perfect Blogging Schedule for Your Business


Are you a regular blogger, but have often found it hard to get a consistent audience? Well, it is not just about the content of the blog, but also the time when you put that content out that matters. Being a successful blogger is not just about sharing your experience, knowledge or expertise with people. It is also about how well you understand your audience and know what they expect from you. This is one of the building blocks to succeed as a blogger. Further, to increase your chances of being more visible, you may employ creating a blogging schedule for your business.

Wondering how you will create that perfect blog schedule? Let’s take a quick look.

1. Blogging Goals Should Be Well Defined

First things first, consistent blog publishing can guarantee a certain number of followers. You will have a constant number of subscribers who would want to read what you write no matter what you write. But, it would be best if you can decide on the dates when you will publish the blog and what the topic will be. This will give you time to think about what you will write about and how you will approach the topic.

Also, your viewers will know the exact date when they can expect your new blog. This will build that excitement to read something new. Setting long-term goals for your blog schedule can be an effective way to get more and more viewers.

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2. Mapping The Blogging Schedule

Just like you have a routine at school, similarly, you need to have a schedule for your blogs. Mapping the blog schedule is probably the toughest job in bringing the success for your business. This is because it is a combination of 5 steps namely, writing the content, formatting it, designing the content, publishing the content and promoting it.

When you write a blog, you expect to have a certain number of viewers; the more the merrier. For this to happen, you need to join the dots of the above steps. Writing the blog can be your forte, but formatting and designing may not.

It would be great to have a designer cum editor and marketer who will format and design and the other will promote the blog. Initial promotion is very important to gain stable viewers.

3. Decide on the Days of Writing & Publishing

Once you have a blogging goal and editor, you can plan on the number of blogs that you can write in a week. Accordingly, you can plan on the days when the blog will be published. It is not necessary to always be in a rush to publish your blogs. If you have a schedule, you can be innovative with the content.

Blend your blog with expert interviews or video tutorials or link roundups or infographics or podcasts. This can be a welcome change for viewers and they can share your blog with friends and family, thus creating new viewers.

4. Executing Your Schedule

When there is a schedule in place, it is important for you to follow that schedule religiously. Divide the topics that you will be writing on. This will help in coming up with content quite easily. You can make use of online calendars or personalized calendars to maintain the schedule.

It takes a bit of time to get adjusted to the blog schedule because you may not come up with the content that you have planned for a specific date. But, if you keep following the schedule, you will get used to it and the content will keep coming automatically.

5. Evaluating Your Schedule

You can use Google Analytics to keep a track of your blog. If you have opted for backlinking, you can monitor the ups and downs quite easily. You can check the success of your blog on a weekly or monthly basis. Depending on the success rate, you can make changes in your schedule. The more successful you become, your viewers will expect more from you.

Preparing a blogging schedule can be easy, but it is important to follow it to gain perfect results. Once you get a taste of success through this schedule, you will never desire to change it any time soon.


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