How to Establish a Personal Brand on the Social Media tips

Tips on How to Establish a Personal Brand on the Social Media


Social media brings a lot of help to the economy, particularly by allowing people to interact with those around the world. This feature enables young entrepreneurs to easily establish their personal brands on social media and market their products/services.  Building an established personal brand on social media is a slow process that will at least take a few years to achieve.

 1. Establish a Presence on Various Social Media Platforms

You should not be passionate about one social media platform but try to establish your presence in various leading platforms. Not only should you share photos of your product on Pinterest and Instagram, but you should also, upload videos to YouTube channel and make free presentations to share on Slide share.

2. Be Responsive to Your Followers’ Comments

After you have set-up multiple social media accounts, you should continuously update and maintain them. Every day, you should at least check back your social media account once to see if someone post any question or comment. If you see a question, be sure to post a reply. Actively engaging with your potential customers in conversation will enable you to maintain loyalty in followers.

3. Add Value to Your Social Media Posts

When updating, don’t just simply update with a random post. Rather, do your best into including valuable information that people like to read and share. Besides posting content about your product, you should also share other types of helpful content from reputable sources in the same field.

4. Regularly Update Your Social Media

Besides updating your social media, you should regularly be engaged with the influencers of your industry. The influencers are those with a big following on social media. By engaging with influencers, you will be able to establish authenticity in your brand and increase target conversion. Since you are posting on the influencers social media account page, people will regard you highly as they treat it as a recommendation of the influencer. You can use platforms like Grin to look for a relevant influencer to follow.

5. Use Your Photo to Build a Personal Brand

You need to post a good picture of yourself in order to build an established brand. Hiring a photographer to take a photo can be expensive. If you don’t have money to hire a photographer, you can just use your phone to take the photo. After that, you can use a beauty photo editor to edit the blemishes on your face. In the Retouching tab, you will find the cosmetic editing tools categorized into categories like skin, eyes, and mouth.

If you feel you are not pretty without makeup, you can select foundation and apply some makeup to your face.  You can use the brush to paint different colors of foundation to your face. You can also adjust the intensity of the foundation color by dragging the slider. If there is a blemish on your face, you can go to the object removal tool and highlight the skin blemish with the red brush tool. After that, you simply click on the Start Erasing button to erase away the skin blemish.

6. Document Your Daily Happenings on Social Media

You can let people know that you are an interesting person by documenting your daily happenings on social media. If possible, you should include photos and videos that are related to the documentation of your thoughts on social media. Instead of writing like a publisher, you should use a more friendly and casual tone when posting on a social media platform.

7. Use Social Media Analytics

You should monitor your social media stats with analytic software. The information from social media analytics allows you to improve your business to meet customer needs. It allows you to find out which posts often get re-shared so that you can optimize them for your products/services accordingly. It can also help you to identify the best social media platform for marketing your products.

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