How to estimate project completion time

How to Estimate Project Completion Time as a Developer


A Software or Web development process can be quite tedious at times. Its important for designers as well as developers to know the complexity of the project beforehand. It is often complaint by many clients, that projects took more time then they were supposed to and reasons can be many. Further, In this post, we will now just solve the mystery behind the delay caused in work and How a developer must estimate project completion time, in order to help merchants understand the process better.

Let’s suppose that a developer requires developing a reorder button wherein a person can reorder a product based on their previous order history in an e-commerce store.

The target is simple and yet require many people for the backend, front-end development, use of databases and servers, lets us decode it further:

Designing a New Button

Here, We’ll head to the HTML5 canvas where all codes are already there, and hence add a new button beside the add to cart, buy now and various more buttons on the product website. Also, Style it so that it’s not as visually distinctive as the ‘add to cart‘ button and we need more focus on ‘add to cart‘ as its the primer call to action we have.

Appropriate HTML layout changes will be incorporated in order to have the button placed at a required position.

Only for Logged-In Users

As we are focusing on reordering button, we will see the database of the customers who have booked the product through our server and compare their transactional records.While doing this, it is important to keep in check the timing of the page uploading & user experience enhancement.

Further, We’ll need to connect the button to a specific server and create logic behind the URL. This will probably require running a few queries to the database to get all of the data we need in order to create an efficient logic.

Also, We can add a form too for the feedback and look forward to enhancing the user experience.

Find a Product in Previous Orders

With the completion of Front-end part till now, We’ll now focus on the backend and then the actual goal of the button. So, we’ll compile the previous orders via product id and hence make it easy to notify the person for reordering the products. To do that, we’ll access the database and find the product we need. Once we have the lined item, we’ll copy them to the cart along with any options or sizes the customer ordered.

Easy Redirect for Users

By now, cart feature becomes handy for the better E-commerce experience. All we need to do now is to redirect our user to his/her cart, to checkout.

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Testing Everything

Just like every other tech product, we need to do thorough testing of this new feature, individually as well as after it’s integrated into the system. Also, throughout our entire development, we need conduct some basic testing on each step.

Let’s Make it Live

After testing everything and checking out bugs in the system, it’s time deploy the code so that it’s public and available for end users. Here also, we’ll need to create a precise code deployment plan. You can learn some code deployment tips for better & safer execution.

It is More Complex Than It Appears

Well for an ordinary person, reorder feature addition to a website might be a simple task and comparatively a small feature. Yet, it requires the use of finite skills like graphic design, backend logic, front-end experience, server addition and product testing.
This is why software feature requires a lot of operations to be done and it is not possible to predict the work underneath the surface of the changes made on the website.

A Difficult Process

Planning, executing, Discussing, testing, deploying and various other process consume a lot of time and further, dislikes/ likes of a merchant can make the project completion time a little longer. Merchants should ask as many questions they can think of before they launch a new development project. Ask a developer for clarification on anything that sounds vague or complicated.

It could extend the time to assemble an estimate, but the estimate would be more accurate and realistic to the project deadline. So the question is what would you choose: a project with 50 hours that will actually take 50 hours or a project estimate of 10 hours that would actually take 50 hours, the choice lies to you!


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