how to improve customer satisfaction

4 Ways on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is very essential for any kind of business to succeed. Review/ ratings are the first and foremost thing that every customer looks for when buying a product or availing a service from a company. Bad review and poor rating put a bad and negative impression on the customers and most of the customers feel reluctant to purchase a product or service having poor customer ratings. As such it is very essential for every company to improve its customer ratings.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction? The following are some ways to improve customer satisfaction with your company:

1. Measure Customer Satisfaction

It is found in several research studies that 91% of customers who are unhappy with a product or service never comes back to the company in future for availing their service/ purchasing a product from them. Moreover, they tell their friends or services not to purchase a product or avail service from that company.

Thus, it is very essential that you measure your customer satisfaction level. By doing such you will be able to reduce the number of unsatisfied customers. For measuring customer satisfaction, you may use an online survey tool. There are many online survey providers and they can help you to get your satisfaction level of your customers. This will certainly help your company to raise its customer ratings.

2. Track Your Social Presence

Keeping an eye on what your customer say about your company on various social media is very important. Today, a majority of people turns to various social media especially Facebook and Twitter to put a complaint on a particular product or service or for a company. A company can take advantage of this opportunity and use social media for increasing the customer satisfaction.

Whenever a customer complains about any product or service it is very important that the company responds to their customer queries or their complaint within 24 hours. This will definitely help the company to raise its customer satisfaction.

3. Follow up with Your Customers

It is also a very good idea to send up an email to your customer after they purchase any product or avail a service from your company and try to know whether they are happy with the product or service. Nowadays you have some apps like Yotpo which will help you to get your customers to review for any kind of product or service.

It is a very easy process to know where the customer feels difficulty and about the shortcomings for which the customers do not like your products or service. Once you know your shortcoming you can improve on that area and can provide that products or service which will help you to get full customer satisfaction.

ways to improve customer satisfaction

4. Count Those Negative Reviews as Leads

Also, it’s important to contact those people who have given negative reviews about your product or service. Equally essential to respond to those reviews especially if you feel that those reviews are justified and other customers can also complain about the same issue. This will help you to improve your business and will, in turn, improve customer satisfaction.

Since customer ratings play a vital role in every company it is very important that every company should take adequate measures to improve customer satisfaction. This could not only help the company to improve their business but will also open the doors to get new customers.

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