5 Ways on How to Improve Employee Efficiency

5 Ways on How to Improve Employee Efficiency


While there’s plenty that a company does to ensure that its workforce is efficient. There are times when things don’t go as planned and a fresh outlook is needed. Here are 5 ways that can help you to improve employee efficiency at work.

1. Do NOT be Afraid to Delegate

This looks like an obvious tip, but many people have a hard time putting it into practice. Most people treat their company as their baby and they want to have a direct hand in everything that goes on. While it is not bad to prioritize quality (this is the main thing behind the success of most companies), but you are going to waste everyone’s time if you choose to check over every small detail that you could have delegated.

It is a good idea to give qualified employees some responsibilities and also trust that they are going to perform well. This is good for your employees because it gives them the chance of gaining leadership experience and skills that are going to help the company. You hired your employee for a reason, and now it is time to prove them right.

2. Communicating Effectively

Communication is very important and the key to productivity at work. Technology has made it easier to communicate easily like with a click of a button or even tap on the screen. Does this mean that the current communication methods are efficient? Not really. A study done by McKinsey found that emails can take 28% of the employee’s time. The study found out that email was second to what consumed the most time at the workplace, with the first being job-specific tasks.

You don’t have to rely on email for your communication at the workplace. Tracktime24 is a tool that helps to manage work schedules and also easily communicate with employees. You can encourage them to also adopt other forms of communication like voice-to-voice. There are times when you can take a few minutes to settle a problem through a phone call or quick meeting while email would have taken hours because of the back-and-forth communication.

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3. Matching Tasks to Skills

If you want to maximize efficiency, take the time to know the skills and behavioral styles of your employees. If an employee is extroverted and creative, then they are the right fit to pitch ideas to clients, but they are going to find it hard to work on detail-oriented and rule-intensive tasks.

Asking your employees to be great at everything is not efficient. The better option is putting some thought before giving them an assignment. Ask yourself: is this employee the best one to do this task? If they are not the right fit, then look for someone who has the skills matching the task.

4. Keeping Goals Clear And Focused

The employees need to have a goal they can aim for if you want them to be efficient. Employees are going to be less productive when the goals are not clearly defined or achievable. Try to make assignments narrow and clear. They should know what is expected of them, and let them know how that assignment is going to impact the company.

The best approach is the “SMART” method – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Before you give an employee an assignment, ask whether they fit the requirements needed. If not, look for ways of tweaking the task so they can remain focused and efficient.

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