How to Incorporate Videos into Social Media Strategy

5 Ideas on How to Incorporate Videos into Social Media Strategy


It is not a secret that videos contribute as a powerful content on the social media. Snapchat and Facebook report that their daily video viewers exceed billions and Instagram stories have recently hit over millions of daily users. People expect to watch videos from all businesses and brands they deal with and expect videos on all the social platforms. It is predicted that videos shall contribute more than 75% of internet traffic by the end of 2020.

As a business owner or a marketer, you tend to miss out on huge opportunities to reach out to the customers if you do not incorporate videos into the content strategy. If you are not a social pro or a filmmaker, you may find the task a bit daunting. Here are 5 tips on how to incorporate videos into social media strategy:

1. Establish Your Objectives

Before incorporating the videos to the social media platforms, think about the objectives behind using them. Whether you want to generate leads, enhance brand management, showcase your product, or drive conversations. Look at the marketing roadmap and focus on the forthcoming campaigns and launches. Be clear regarding your intentions. This shall help you in creating targeted videos for your audience.

2. Know Where the Audience is

Identify the social platforms where your target audience spends their maximum time. This will help you to reach out to maximum people along with the correct timing. Try to figure out whether your audience spends their maximum time on desktop or mobile, and then curate your campaign as per that. This will help you determine the crucial aspects such as format, optimal length, and overall makeup of videos targeted to every social platform.

Try to use tools like Google Analytics to observe the social platforms that have the maximum traffic. There are plenty of options to post videos online like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. If you know where to post the video before creating it, it becomes more time-effective to produce the relevant end product. The time limitation of every platform is different and the display format is different too.

3. Add Value in Your Videos

While creating videos for social media platforms, always remember to add value. The value does not mean always adding educational content, it means by delivering information that solves a problem. It can be a new product or an existing product, or a laughter video, though you should not post videos that do not add anything to your brand.

If you repost a video you may get some likes and traction, but if the video is not related to your brand then it is better to refrain from posting that video.

4. Live Videos Need Not to Look Polished

The live videos created for social media platforms need to have to look highly polished. The regular videos do not have to be cinematic masterpieces. You can hire someone for creating videos but when you do not get them do not fret.

When the live videos are posted on social media, viewers do not expect them to be absolutely perfect. Just ensure to have a high-speed connection so that the videos are not laggy.

5. Make Use of the Video Editing Apps

Video editing apps such as Open Stories can make video creation much easier for the social media platforms. Plenty of apps are available, you can try a few of them and then discover that ones that suit you. When you use these apps more things shall get better for you and you can easily incorporate them.

Keep all these points in mind while incorporating videos for social media. This shall help you to create effective and stunning videos on the social platform and it shall reduce a few complications. The most crucial thing is to simply start. Through videos, you can tell the brand story and the ways to use the product.

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