How to Increase Domain Authority of Website

Why & How To Increase Domain Authority of a Website


If you ask any marketer what is the number one goal of an SEO, then he will tell you that it is getting the number one position on the first SERP (search engine results page). So, it is viewed as the dream, page one to position one, and it really makes sense. The number one position is truly valuable as when you get to position one, then your CTR becomes nearly 200% higher compared to your closest runner-up which is position two.

To achieve this, you will need to tweak countless web metrics and only one web metric which is of huge importance in the world of SEO is DA (or Domain Authority). DA is recognized as the score or grade which has developed by Moz and it estimates how fine a site will rank on Google as well as on other search engines. Generally, a website that has a high DA score will also rank higher in SERPs.

Why Increase Domain Authority of Website?

When you increase your Domain Authority, you will augment the chances of your website to rank high on Google and various other search engines. At times, a website which has got a low DA, positions itself lower compared to websites that have a high DA and that too with very less engaging content. Domain Authority is highly necessary for search engine ranking.

How to Increase Domain Authority of Website?

This is a fact that you can’t purchase or steal Domain Authority from other high Domain Authority site. In order to increase Domain Authority score, you require an excellent strategy and many pieces of superb content, and never to forget a huge lot of patience. When your DA happens to be nearly 10 or 15, it will turn easier for you to augment it to 30 or 40. Again, when the matter involves increasing your DA score to more than 50, then your task turns more difficult and remarkably slow. The seven vital steps on how to increase Domain Authority score are:

1. Quality Content

Content is something which never fails to allure visitors and in no condition, you can compromise on content. For excellent content, you must use GIFs, images, and videos as they will make your content more interesting and appealing too.

Additionally, you can use infographics too as they will turn your content go viral. Your content ought to have a nice length and a nice length means 800+ words.

How To Increase Domain Authority of Website 2019

2. On-page SEO

It is another essential process of optimization and it plays a huge role in transforming your Domain Authority from low to high. This comprises technical factors, such as keyword placement, page titles, and keyword density. A simple checklist which will help you in maintaining your on-page optimization is:

  • Heading Tags — Make heading tags, like H1, H2, or H3 for focusing on chief points.
  • Keyword Density — You must avert keyword stuffing and confine the density between 0.5 and 1.5%.
  • Image Optimization — You should optimize your images for boosting your SEO status.
  • Meta Description — You must fill out this field and never leave it blank. Again, your meta description ought to have focus keyword necessarily.

PRO TIP. You can refer to 33 Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Content to create a checklist of OnPage SEO metrics that carry an impact in your search results.

3. Internal Linking

Internal linking is helpful in lessening the bounce rate and linking to the older posts will turn your present post more captivating and informative. However, you must only link to older posts that are same as your present post.

Additionally, internal linking is helpful in spreading Page Authority and link juice all through your website.

It’s pretty tough to generate superior quality links meant for your site but it certainly carries high value.

Countless webmasters and bloggers end up making mistakes. They do make low-quality links that do not add value and so, they lessen the ranking of your site on Google. These bloggers and webmasters practice rubbish methods and only those people are right who work day and night just for getting superior quality backlinks.

PRO TIP. Make sure that you aren’t committing these Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

increase domain authority of website

It becomes absolutely necessary to eliminate bad links on a regular basis that affect the position of a website on Google.

When you remove spammy and toxic links, then only you can gain high-quality links. You must always keep your link profile spotless and clean and numerous bloggers end up ignoring this important point.

PRO TIP. To help gain the knowledge of what are bad links and how to judge them, you may refer to 14 Types of Backlinks: The Good, The Bad, & The Best

6. Have Patience 

The age of your domain will aid you in augmenting the ranking of your site as well as the DA score. When your website happens to be 3–4 years old but still active, then it necessarily means that you have been available there for an extended period.

It also means that you do publish quality content and your website isn’t a spam one. You need not bother about your keyword ranking or DA score when your site is one or a couple of months old. You should only focus on publishing quality content and this way, your DA will get improved with passing time.

7. Increasing Publishing Frequency

For keeping your blog updated, you need to intensify your publishing frequency. By this, it is meant you ought to blog regularly. However, it isn’t easy to post regularly, but when you do, then you improve your DA.

publishing frequency of a blog

Actually, most of the bloggers aren’t consistent and this is why; they witness a fluctuation in their DA. DA will certainly increase when you post regularly, but again, it might decrease when you don’t.


When you follow every step, you will certainly be able to increase Domain Authority of your website, but remember, it will consume a few weeks to build. Again, when you possess a high DA already then you might not witness its impact prior to a couple of weeks but you will discover it sooner than later.

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