how to increase organic traffic by revamping content

How to Increase Organic Traffic by Revamping Existing Content


Most companies waste a lot of time and resources in churning out new content every day. However, ideally what they should be doing is revamping their existing content in a manner that they are capable of driving more organic traffic. Why?

Search engines are unpredictable. Irrespective of how on-point your SEO or keyword usage is, you can never be certain about the pages or posts that will perform the best or the keywords that’ll rank better on the search engine. You’ll have to draft your content, post it and then patiently wait to see how the audience reacts to it.  The entire thing is not going to happen overnight, sometimes it may take weeks, while other times it might even take several months. Often, there’s no problem with the keyword or the marketing strategies you adopt. The area that is lagging behind is your content. So, a little revamping of the content can be wonderful and you’ll be able to see improved ranking on SERPs.

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Steps to Find the Best Pages for Revamping

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account. Head to left-hand corner and select Acquisition.
  2. Select All Traffic and then choose source as Google.
  3. Next, click on the Secondary Dimension.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear where you have to select Behaviour and further select the Landing Page.

Once you have followed these 4 steps, you can now take a good look at the top performing landing pages from your organic traffic. See through the blogs that are getting you maximum revenue. Based on the above information, you can find out the pages that require little more effort on your end – maybe some more research, or some more keywords or some more value addition. Once that is done, these will work just as good as your other well-performing pages.

How to Edit Old Blogs?

  • Increase or decrease the word count of your post as required
  • Work on your post’s keyword density
  • Try to target the similar keyword strings and increase your keyword consistency

After you have taken these measures, regularly keep a check on your Google Analytics and see if there are any improvement post changes that you can incorporate. We recommend using Seopressor WordPress plugin to get the most out of your time and investment. It provides you with maximum clarity on how your SEO is performing and avails advanced optimization features.

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