how to make wordpress seo friendly

How to Make Your WordPress Blog/Website SEO Friendly


WordPress is Great, Still, You need to make it SEO friendly!

Undoubtedly WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform on the internet. Millions of people use WordPress to create awesome blogging sites for getting maximum online exposure. Being an open source content management system, it is also very popular among website developers. How many times have you got advice to use WordPress for creating and website or blog? How many times have you been told that you should use WordPress for getting quick popularity? Many experts around you would say that WordPress can increase the number of visitors to your website in leaps and bounds as it uses the best SEO options.

All these are true, but not fully! It is a fact that WordPress is not SEO friendly in many aspects especially in its default settings. Simply speaking, WordPress default settings is what you get with almost every WordPress theme. These are free and anyone can use it but these same aspects can weaken your SEO efforts.

Take Some Intelligent Steps to Make Your WordPress Site SEO Friendly

Here are some easy steps to fix the SEO problems that you may face with the default WordPress setting. So why wait, start off to learn how to make WordPress SEO friendly:

The Permalink that you get with the default setup which is not SEO friendly whereas you need to take this aspect of SEO campaign seriously. A permalink is the permanent address of your website and related posts. You cannot change it every now and then.

wordpress permalinks

There are many ways to sort this problem out and introduce an SEO friendly permalink. Always remember that a strong SEO process entails a keyword in your permalink which does not happen when you use the default permalink.

2. Issues with URL parameters

This is another SEO issue with WordPress. Just check the comment box reply link to your default WordPress setting. It is not linked to your comment box actually. New bloggers often make mistake by keeping this link intact. There are several other default URL parameters provided by WordPress which can spoil your SEO.

optimize wordpress for seo
You have many solutions for this issue like you can take help of URL parameters of Google search console to examine the URLs authenticity.

3. Page Loading Speed

Web page loading time is one of the important parameters in search engine ranking. So, your SEO campaign may not fetch good result even after an all-out effort from your site. This problem happens when you use too many plugins on your website. It may also happen if your host is not technically advanced. People just love to use WordPress because of its diversified plugins but you should use them sensibly. Again, there are plugins for upgrading the website loading speed.

WordPress is always the best platform to start your blog and get quick popularity. Its plugins are great which are in fact SEO friendly. Just take care of the above-mentioned aspects and vaunt your SEO efforts. Hope this post on how to make WordPress SEO friendly was helpful, Kindly subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!


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