11 Efficient Ways on How to Market a Beverage & Food Product


There’s no doubt that the food and beverage industry is an exciting business that can sustain even during the period of economic hardships. This is due to the fact that food is a basic need of every human being. It does not, however, guarantee profits as this business is a highly competitive one. Due to this reason, you can find several food chains and numerous brands selling similar food products. In such a competitive market, you cannot ensure profitability and survival, if you don’t focus on developing repetitive customers and employing an appropriate marketing strategy.

Also, It is also equally important to offer good and tasty food. Here, are the 11 effective strategies on how to market a beverage product or a food business:

1. Brand Positioning

When the matter involves food, most people want to have a superior taste. But, this does not create a differentiation and brand positioning. It is important to create perceptions into the customers’ mind regarding its specific attributes.

For example, a restaurant can position itself as a place to have a unique experience or to get spicy food, or a family friendly environment, or super-fast service.

2. Digital Presence

The niche food/beverage brands find it difficult to get the attention of the consumers because of fierce competition in the food and beverage industry. People before making any purchase search for any particular food or beverage. It is important for a food brand to be available when people make such decisions right from the time of searching information till the time of buying it.

It becomes crucial to list a business in the review sites, online directories, and apps like Zomato, Yelp, Zagat, OpenTable etc. These listings not only build the reputation of the brand but enhance its visibility too.

3. Product Packaging

Many students have revealed that when the consumers shop at a retail setting without any intention to make a particular purchase, purchasing decision is mostly driven by the good packaging of the product.

Everything from the fonts, logo design, material, and packaging style is analyzed by the customers prior to making any decision. The consumers generally have the perception,

 What they see is what they get…

4. Blogging

Advertising and marketing strategy work in a different way in the food and beverage business. Rather than getting influenced by advertisement, many people are willing to experiment with new drinks and food based on personal opinion, reviews, and recommendations.

how to market a beverage product

Due to this, blogging becomes very important for a food and a beverage business to get recognition among the food community and to gain mass popularity. A single blog on a food brand can generate impressive conversion rates.

5. Social Media Marketing

Besides a brand having an original marketing strategy and Unique Selling Point, every brand has a unique personality. Social media is a great place to build a personality and to connect with the customers. Creating brand engagement through social media can help in building brand loyalty and driving sales.

Besides, people love to share great experiences related to food and beverage. A well-packaged and a well-presented food has a high chance of getting shared on a Facebook or an Instagram post.

6. Email Marketing

You can begin an email marketing program to create an annual or a monthly schedule to make the posts relevant throughout a period. E-mails are easy to send and can be understood quickly. All that you require are the email listings of a potential and a current customer. Keep sending emails regarding the new product competitions or offerings, discount coupons, exciting events so that the customers stay engaged.

7. Hosting Events

You can host a seasonal event or an occasional event such as Valentine’s Day. Try to offer special packages or menus on special days. You can host food festivals too. You can advertise this online and also via the posters and the fliers that is based on the event. Events can help to create awareness about a brand.

8. Offer Discounts & Coupons

Providing discounts and coupons for the food and beverage industry is a sure shot way of attracting customers. You can offer a free dish. You can advertise for a discount via Living Social or Groupon. You will get a lot of exposure if you choose this medium but you have to pay a portion of your sales to the website.

9. Mobile Ads

A food and a beverage industry is a good candidate for the mobile ads because the users often look out the nearby options of dining when they move. Mobile ads are cheaper than the desktop ads and their conversion rate is impressive. Google Ads provides for mobile customization and this shall help you to get most of the bids.

10. Fish Bowl Business Cards

Allow the customers to drop the business card into the fishbowl for a ruffle. The reward may very- happy hour, free lunch for the winner, and so on. These raffles are great fun and at the same time, you can use the business cards to email them. Let the customers know that they have the opportunity to win the next time and also to get discounts.

11. Have a Functional and a Sleek Menu

Uses love doing research online before they visit or order from a restaurant. The users should not scramble to find out a menu. Try to publish an easy to read and a high-quality menu that is accurate and up to date. Some of the delivery sites publish the menu online. Make your menu look stylish and sleek.

how to market a beverage product in 2019


So, it can be concluded that there are numerous opportunities through which you can market your product effectively. From the packaging designs to the attractive covers, all these aspects can help you deliver your food. You have to understand your consumer’s psyche and thereafter formulate your strategy. The competition in the food and beverage industry is very stiff and so, you have to give in a lot in order to become successful.

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