Promoting Content With Carousel Ads

3 Creative Ways on How To Promote Content With Carousel Ads


Is Carousel ads some deal to be considered? How to promote content with carousel ads? Are they a new marketing technique and more importantly, are they of any use? Is it just a new marketing flavor being used to attract new customers?

Well, according to data procured through Facebook and Instagram ads digital marketing sources, Carousel Ads holds a 72% higher click-through rate than an ordinary image advertisement. That means, if 1000 out of 2000 social media “scrollers” used to click the ordinary image ads, then, 1720 of 2000 clickers are produced by this golden Carousel Ads deal! That’s a huge improvement, making the clickbait probability of 0.5 to get over to 0.86!

Now if a new marketing strategy like this can make the CTR(Click Through Rate) probability come this closer to unity, then you have answered the first posed question of this article- Yes! It is some deal worth considering.

Now to know more about promoting content with carousel ads you need to know more about: How to promote content through carousel ads? How to make Carousel ads? Which ads platform to invest in? More importantly, What is carousel ads? So, let’s get started.

Carousel ads are a sort of publicizing format that joins various videos or pictures into a single advertisement. Carousel promotions are generally mainstream on Instagram and Facebook, where you can grandstand various pictures to improve your odds of a click. You have probably seen plenty of them while scrolling through your memes on Instagram or Facebook while figuring out who’s doing what in their quarantine period.

The real question is, “Did you get more tempted to click or slide back and through those catchy carousel ads?” Probably yes, at least more than the ordinary ads because that’s what the statistics say. Around, 57% of people from various age groups do agree that social media advertisements affect shopping commitment. Out of that 44 % are produced from ads users see on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are a vendor that deals in social media or any other online commerce, then you might want to trust these statistics. Nowadays, marketing is adapting at a very competitive rate. One who doesn’t modernize their techniques and niches in this modern and tech-savvy updated world would simply need to do it, one way or another.

Here, we’ve organized a few creative ways of planning and promoting the best carousel advertisement for your service and product. Be sure to give a glance before making your next party carousel advertisement.

1. Targeting Quality/Specific Audience

If you have used Facebook and Instagram you must know how ridiculously accurate their ads targeting algorithm is. Regardless of whether you are focusing on a middle-age guy who needs to go abroad in a few months and is interested in some sunscreen that might come handy on that foreign beach or a person who wants a platform to build his/her company brand name, you can get before your crowd.

In the first case you might be a cosmetics product vendor and in the other one, any adversary associate of it. You can get as point by point as your heart wants!

By utilizing Instagram’s powerful ads to target your audience with carousel advertisements that fit their extraordinary needs, and help you analyze users in your purchasing cycle. Separating every remarkable slide for different interest set will increase your chances of getting noticed by diverse customers.

2. Serving Appealing Deals

First of all, you are 76% more probable to be clicked and on top of that, a 20% off a deal couldn’t be any less than a cherry on top. This enticing deal would immediately boost your advertisement’s CTR.

What better way can there be to get the Instagrammers rid off an un-ending scrolling marathon? There is no better time to display your golden free delivery service, service features, or combo offers.

3. Creative Showcasing

One way to grab attention is by telling a short story. As you all know that one can place max 10 images in the carousel but it isn’t necessary to use them all. The leading rule here is to be precise about what you are delivering. By showcasing a short narrative by sequential images and even short dialogues, you could have a lasting impression. The first image that hides something can be revealed in the others.


  • Using gif format advertisements. A video can speak more than a thousand words but those fascinating thumb-stopping ads are what grabs those 1000 viewers. A fast-moving animation that bounces over various points in the ad. It’s almost impossible to not try it at least once.
  • Continuation of a panorama image by a few short images crops. This creates a need to complete the entire picture and see it to the very end. It can also be used as a suggestive narrative as well.
  • Demonstrating your brand identity can also be a good strategy for carousel ads. For more famous brands such as Nike, Samsung, or Apple it is not that necessary to dedicate one entire image for brand demonstration. For brands that are significantly lesser known to the audience, this strategy has the power to be clear.

creative ways to promote content with carousel ads on facebook

Winding up!

If online commerce of products and services is your game, don’t waste any more time and money waiting for your new customers.

Social media carousel promotions are a perfect platform to exhibit different items to billions of daily user audiences.

Convincing visual narrating, in some structure or another, has become almost essential for clients along with long catalogs and description manuals. In such a perspective, carousel promotions are a compelling tool for better quality and more precise targeting.

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