How to Pursue Personal Growth

3 Ways on How to Pursue Personal Growth


There are many good reasons on how to pursue personal growth and while reading this, you might be rethinking yours. Yes, It opens new doors. Yes, It makes us better. Yes, It helps us achieve our career goals. And yes again, it recreates momentum in our lives. That, in turn, encourages us to grow even more and at an even faster pace.

Soon, we start placing a greater emphasis on growing than on arriving. This makes it a lot easier to overcome and learn from our failures.

Still, wondering why to pursue personal growth? I’ll be sharing how to pursue personal growth and how you may benefit as an individual from it. Let’s get started:

1. A Growth Mindset is the First Step to Hope

Let’s think about nature as a beginning. A sapling transforms into an oak by growing slowly over time. An infant grows into a child, who gradually becomes an adult. Hope is the same way. It takes you forward in life.

When one has hope, one can imagine a better & brighter future. And hope isn’t just wishing for things that it might be, it’s the firm belief in things that will be.

In a nutshell, it’s looking past your present circumstances with the belief that you have a positive future.

Planting the seed of hope is not at all complicated. It’s a simple change in mindset you carry inside of you. When we decide to believe that growth is possible and we commit to pursuing it, hope begins to rise within us.

Why Pursue Personal Growth

2. Growth Sustained Over Time Realizes Hope

When we take small steps every day, over a period of time, we begin to experience progress. If you work enough days towards consistent growth, you begin to change & grow as a person. You either become better, stronger, more skilled or all of the above.

When you change yourself, you change your circumstances as well.

When you do this week after week, month after month, year after year, you gradually move from hope imagined to hope realized. This begins a positive cycle of your growth strengthening your hope, and your hope strengthening your growth.

3. A Growth Habit Strengthens Hope

We must acknowledge that growth is a gradual process and make this process a part of our daily practice. Or simply stated, we need to establish the habit of growing on a daily basis.

When we practice the discipline of growing a little every day, we are doing our part to strengthen the hope inside of us.

How to Pursue Personal Growth 2020

Choosing to grow in life is very important, but that decision alone is not enough to develop change. With each small step you take in your daily life, you make progress toward improving yourself and the world around you.

Planting the seed of hope is not complicated; it’s as simple as changing our mindset.

Remember, when you grow, you put your future into motion. So, How to pursue personal growth? Simply, with every step toward your positive future, hope is reinforced to proceed. The process becomes sustainable soon once you integrate growth as a habit in your lifestyle.

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